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Posted by JCGamer

I'm digging the game so far.  Only and hour into it, but the story and combat seems a bit more engaging.  Helps that I read the book a while ago, but wondering if the story makes any sense to anyone who didn't read the book.

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For me, it's quite funny to see those names like Visegrad and Esztergom in a Halo game. I'm living near to those cities in Hungary. The voice actors also did a good job because sometimes they sound like a native Hungarian speaker.

Posted by Waffles13

Excellent review, and I'll say that I'm super glad that GB has gotten away from the whole "let's just read the text review on tape" that a few of the older video reviews have been.
I agree wholeheatedly on the campaign's lackluster ending missions (and excellent post credits sequence) and wasn't super hot on the multiplayer for the first few hours, but after getting into a few of the Big Team games on the vehicle-laden maps, I've gotta say that this is the best multiplayer experience that Halo has had since pre-button-combo Halo 2.
(Also, the 1000 points, while challenging and time-consuming, is totally doable and requires very little multiplayer. That alone makes it leagues above Halo 3's rewards system, in my mind.)

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I used to h8 halo but then reach was released

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Holy sh.., I'm loving the HD quality, but what's up with the edges of your chroma keying? Looks like it was shut on a DV cam from 2003.

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That was a great review. I'm still not a Halo fan but I am however a Reach fan.
Posted by detectivepbert

reviewers always seem to point out how the AI teammates in campaign mode are pretty useless in terms of taking out enemies.  in addition to reviews for halo i have also seen this in reviews of mass effect  and gears of war games.  i think developers do this intentionally.  the ai teammates seem to be there to look cool, distract enemies to make gameplay more interesting, and to help with navigation at certain points.  i wouldn't want them to kill many of my enemies since that would mean less fun for me.  and in halo they are actually important since they need to drive you around in the warthog while you lay waste to folks using the turret. 

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Awesome 5/5 only issue i have is you cant drop in and out of games so for instance big team battle matches 1 person leaves the whole match stops doesnt balance the teams and most times this causes more people to leave stopping the match again. Does anyone else get pissed when this happens??? 
Surprised it wasnt mentioned by Jeff in his review ..  

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@buzz_clik said:
Just in case someone here restart the level if this happens to them: the game will drop you off at the earlier checkpoint if you die like 5 tiems or something, quickly like that.
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brad head!

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they should have talked a bit about bungie.net and how awesome and in depth its features are .  halo reach is the first mutliplayer game i've played in a long time, so i don't know if that level of depth for a game website is standard or not.

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I wish there was a multiplayer lobby just for everyone for themselves slayer.  I don't really like team slayer unless its with friends and theres headsets, and I get annoyed when I enter the rumbly pit lobby hoping for slayer and people end up voting for rally or something.

Posted by ninjastail

this game doesn't deserve an 80% score just because jeff played it on normal and the ai was obviously boring...

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@detectivepbert:  You don't drive the warthog? That's a fast way to death in Legendary or even Heroic.
Posted by detectivepbert
happened to me in gears of war 2 but not in halo
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I kind of have a love/hate relationship with this game. I loved the space dogfight sequence, but thought the campaign was the worst in the series (besides Halo 2 and including ODST). I love Team Swat but dislike most other modes and the community in general. I dunno. I only have it now because I got a free copy during the recent Xbox Live Beta program. I've always liked the vehicles in Halo but not really the first person stuff very much.

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halo is better than 4 stars

Posted by NTM
@maddesthatter985: Jeff probably feels weird that it didn't just end after three. But yes, Reach does deserve five stars.