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I will eat your soul!

Posted by NewfieBullet

Game looks cool

Posted by MaxOpower

Na.... Don't know what it is, but it makes the look like 10-5 yeras old.  Looks like a   Counter Strike mod ...

Posted by morrelloman

I'll def check this out

Posted by Binbay55

So....Why is Alma just walking by?

Posted by IkariNoTekken

Nope, its Sam Cooke.

Anyway, not really sure about this game just yet. This game mode in particular looks a too hectic to be enjoyable but I will wait to see more.
Posted by wrecks

Soul Brother Number One, Mr. Dynamite, The Hardest Working Man in Show Business, The King of Funk, Sex Machine, Mr. Please Please Please Please Her, The Boss and foremost the Godfather of Soul

Posted by csl316

These trailers are interesting, but I'm still waiting to see if their launch trailer can top the incredible Project Origin one they released.  So good, man:

Posted by DrJota

So to be the Soul King you have to go through Soul Training?

Posted by Hef

All this talk about collecting souls and losing them when you die makes me want to play demon's souls.

Posted by phrosnite

Very disappointed by FEAR 2.

Posted by JEC03
@phrosnite said:
Very disappointed by FEAR 2.
Me too everything was dumb down literally what a shame this actually looks just as bad they really ruined the graphics engine and toned it down to stupidity totally lost respect for this franchise.Everything that was good about the first game they pissed on it and made it for the casual market.
Posted by AhmadMetallic

what a big uninteresting meh, man.

Posted by koolaid39

Kinda looks yuck, no thanks. For some reason the narrator's voice from this trailer makes me think of a dude wearing a black trench coat with long hair in a pony tail, trying to lure small children and ladies into his van.

Posted by Nomin

It's F3AR...some souls were definitely sacrificed to make that title a reality...

Posted by Slaneesh

Soundt like something thats cool in principle but is going to be incredibly flaved in completion

Posted by guynamedbilly

Soul King and Wall of Death... Is the Axe Cop team working on this game?

Posted by Zombie_Shakespeare

Well, looks like it could be a cool multiplayer mode. But then, I'm not in it for the multiplayer, so my overall assessment is still a pretty solid 'I dunno'.

Posted by WrathOfBanja

hahaha this looks like crap

Posted by MisterMouse

so many trailers for this!

Posted by Rukus
@phrosnite said:
Very disappointed by FEAR 2.
With all the advancements that the first game had made you'd think they'd continue that with the second (and third). It's really bizzare that Monolith isn't making the third game but Day 1 Studio who simply ported the other fear games  to consoles. I'm really hoping this one turns out for the better but everything shown so far doesn't look very promising. :(
Posted by Xpgamer7

Seems alright.

Posted by MeatSim

How much does being the Soul King pay?

Posted by vinsanityv22

This is how deathmatch worked in that Gamecube game, Geist. And it was pretty fun:) So I'm glad to see it ripped off/refined here in FEAR 3. I'll take something creative and fun like this over 18 Call of Duty sequels any day. It's just a shame that I know I'm in the minority there.

Posted by captain_max707

Gah... so many trail3rs with thr33s as "e"s... It mak3s m3 sick...

Posted by FATH3AD

More like Soul King of the Hill to me...

Posted by JasonLeeson

Laughed out loud at every utterance of 'The Soul King'

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@JasonLeeson said:

Laughed out loud at every utterance of 'The Soul King'




These trailers are interesting, but I'm still waiting to see if their launch trailer can top the incredible Project Origin one they released.  So good, man:

Wow. I'm trying to think if there's anything that could top that, game-trailer wise....
..... hey, isn't there a site..... nope I gave uip, that site is crap. going onto google and search for 'site:giantbomb.com/ best game trailers' is better.

K so there's the Halo E3 2006 announcement trailer.
The STUNNING bioshock X06 trailer.
Small little Gears of War 'madworld' parody by Battlefield bad company.
Oh yeah I forgot my Favorite (Always be playing in HD)