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Still not doing it for me...

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Get Coonce in here, what's he think of all this.

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Misread it as 'hunt your friends', which sounds like it would be a lot better.

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So I have ghosts and AutoLog? COOL!

Also, he only mentions gold medals. In SSX 3, the best times that SSX developers could put up used to be the Platinum medals. They didn't SHOW Platinum medals on the menus, though. You just had to end up getting them. Therefore, I'm curious if Platinums are back in the game or if Gold is the highest you can get.

Nonetheless, I'm still so goddamn psyched about this game! I don't care what the fuck else comes out this year. SSX is going to be my 2012 GOTY.

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Surprised it's not called "Riderlog."

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The more I seen this game the more i am relieved its nothing like what I expected when I first saw the VGA trailer. Consider me pumped for this game.

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Nice, I like what I'm seeing there.

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look at 0:49: "ieatyellowsnow"... is this Bear Grylls Live account?

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The collission between the boarder and the snow seems a bit off. I would like to make an arrow in the knee joke, but I can't, since there knees seem to be in the snow for the most of the time...

Still wan't to play it though.

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Do want!

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"If you look at the world today. More and more social interactions are happening in your own schedule"


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Looks really impressive, EA seems to be putting alot of effort into there games lately.

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I couldn't concentrate, i spent the whole 3 mins trying to figure out whether i hated the music or not.

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Developer commentaries are ruining trailers. I miss the time when I could just watch a 10 minute Metal Gear Solid trailer without anyone yapping through the entire thing. Even if it was edited to hell, at least I spent all my time looking at the actual game.

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@Chtasm said:

Surprised it's not called "Riderlog."

They probably would have had to bump up the ESRB/PEGI rating to use that term.

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I don't care about any of the stuff in this video but I'm still hella excited for the game.

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So they've turned SSX into Trackmania?

Thats pretty cool actually. I prefer racing ghosts to just a timer.

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Next vid is the one I'm interested in.

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Sure, that's all neat... if you have friends who are really into that game and grinding for high scores/lap times.

I had the same problem with Hot Pursuit, and getting new friends from random dudes who only have that game in common kinda defeats the whole concept of friends, I think. A StarCraft 2 style ladder, or some other game-specific, match-made instancing would be a much preferable option for me.

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God dammit just let me play this game already.

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I was hoping it would be called the "CoonceLog".

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@Death_Burnout said:

"If you look at the world today. More and more social interactions are happening in your own schedule"


I lol'd

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@Death_Burnout said:

"If you look at the world today. More and more social interactions are happening in your own schedule"


I tend to agree.
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Onit like a car bonnet! Man, I am so fucking excited for this game. Loving all the competitive stuff they are adding in, too. Reminds me of Burnout Paradise a little.

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wtf they parade with them "new engine" which just is taking the best score and making ghost player. Guys the rewolution in game industry are happening right now like social networking.

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i've never played any of the SSX games but the whole Friends thing they're doing seems really cool and something id like to see in more games

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Looks good. Anyone played any recent SSX games to let me know if they're any good?

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@JJpenguin said:

Looks good. Anyone played any recent SSX games to let me know if they're any good?

There haven't been any SSX games this generation, except for one on the wii I think... it's a series reboot.

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Man, I can't wait until the snowboard season.

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@Chtasm said:

Surprised it's not called "Riderlog."


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@plato84 said:

Man, I can't wait until the snowboard season.

Dude it's 01/20/12 Where do you live that it isn't snowboard season? The Pow is fresh up here in the mountains of AB! :D

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This guy's voice is perfect for some commentating in XGames, Winter Olympics, etc.

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Your friends have to be dead if you want to be able to compete against there ghost.

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@BoomSnapClap113: Australia bro! its 87F outside right now.

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If you say SSX a whole bunch of times in a row it sounds like sssex sssex sssex sssex. huurrrr

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Battlelog and now this. Good form EA.

Online leaderboards always seemed like an after thought and i've never really given a crap about them. This evolution is a welcome addition.

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Looks awesome and fresh. take my money.