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Edit: I get the feeling I've seen like 75% of this footage already, but still, oh my god, so pretty.

Posted by MentalDisruption

I still need to play the first one. It's sitting in steam just begging to be played as I type.

Posted by JesseCherry

Enjoyed the first one. If they just add a few more RPG elements, I'll be happy

Posted by Goldanas

I loved the first. Glad they can make a second.

Posted by Ghostiet

Oh God, forgot about this. The first Trine was PIMP.

Posted by AleksO

Im really looking forward to this. I loved the first one and this looks like its just better in every way

Posted by Silver-Streak

Man, I wonder how excited Brad is?

Posted by CptBedlam

Still looks amazing.

I wonder how they do the animations, especially that plant growing out of the ground...looks incredible.

Posted by Sin4profit

looks like the puzzle element is far more interesting then the first one.

Posted by Goldanas

I didn't see a PC label at the end of that trailer, and now I'm scared.

Posted by Forcen

Looks fricking beautiful!

Posted by Origina1Penguin


Posted by RYNO9881

This is a really old gameplay video. Still, that music is phenomenal.

Posted by project343

So pretty. Makes me wonder why they even bother putting so much effort into realizing a two dimensional world rather than simply expanding it into the third dimension.

Posted by m0rdr3d

Gorgeous indeed. I'm in. First one was special.

Posted by DougQuaid

This looks effin fantastic! I loved the first one. 
I see a lot of platform logos on that last screen and that gameplay looked a little too good to be on 360 or PS3. This is coming out on PC too, right?

Posted by John1912

Didnt much care for the first game.  Think played half way through on PC...Maybe console was better using a controller.  Gotta say thou, some really great artwork!  Hope this one is more polished game play wise.

Posted by mosdl

@Goldanas said:

I didn't see a PC label at the end of that trailer, and now I'm scared.

noticed that too.

However on the Frozenbyte forums Steam is mentioned by staff (for multiplayer), so I think a PC version is happening.

Posted by HarlequinRiot

Probably my most anticipated game of 2011. I loved the first one, even with its problems. Something about the world and the design and the gameplay balance just struck me .

Posted by RagingLion

Trine, you so gorgeous.

Posted by KillyDarko

The first Trine was great and this one is looking a LOT better, also with a lot more variety to the gameplay, it seems, which is always good :)
It's kind of weird that the PC logo wasn't there at the end of the trailer, but last I heard this game is indeed scheduled for a PC release.

Posted by Hector

Wow this looks amazing! Can't believe I missed out on the first one.

Posted by Kyreo

Wow. It looks like more of the same but damn that game is beautiful.

Posted by mbr

As long as they don't make a bullshit last level like the first one had It'll be GOTY material. That last level really soured me on the rest of the game.

Posted by zameer

Trine was a fantastic game, loved it. Hopefully this is more of the good stuff

Posted by Tesla

This looks really cool, and makes me want to go play the first game.

Posted by patrick

This trailer is 4 months old :|

Posted by B_Heart

It does look good, but I never got into the first one, the controls always felt off. If it looks like that and has better controls, I'll check it out.

Posted by Sweep

He's a wizard, and that looks... actually it looks pretty good. Well played.

Posted by siblers

Dear god, think im in love.

Posted by Twinblade34

@mbr: Yep, same story here.

Posted by soteropolitan


Posted by csl316

Looks great. But man, seeing that giant snail move... looks like it sucks to be a snail.

Posted by Vexxan

Never heard of this game(or its prequel) but it's looking kickass.

Posted by Zrais

Yes please.

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

Dear god that looks amazing.

Posted by Franstone

Looks like that would be a great game in 3D... 
Just reminded me I need to finish Trine.

Posted by Gordo789

wow this looks incredibly attractive.  maybe i should go back and check out that first one.

Posted by Godzilla_Sushi

It's weird, but it reminds me of a really gorgeous modern Flicky with all that background stuff. That could totally be Donkey Kong too. Color me impressed!

Posted by AndrewB

I was actually hoping for some redesigned characters, but...

Posted by PresidentOfJellybeans

Impressive stuff!

Posted by lockwoodx

Bought Trine during a steam sale. Trine has yet to ever work properly on my PC. Trine 2 is an afterthought.

Posted by Prometheum5

Really cool use of colors!

Posted by SumDeus

...holy crap.

Posted by jorbear

This looks even more delightful than I could have ever imagined.

I'm very excited.

Posted by Chango

This looks amazing! Is the first game good? I played the demo, and didn't enjoy it.

Posted by Bummey

Giant snail. Sold.

Posted by emem

@patrick said:

This trailer is 4 months old :|

Yeah, I remember seeing it back then and it still looks great. :)

Posted by Xshinobi

Hmm. I guess no PC version :(

Edited by RandomInternetUser

Wait - did Atlus publish the first one too? Edit:  Looked it up - nope.
Those water physics puzzles were cool. 
Also, this reminds me that I really should play the first one - I bought it on sale from Steam a while back and never got around to playing it.

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