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Well this is up earlier than expected

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Glad to see another one of these finish out the year

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Jeff is the MAN!

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Merry Christmas Jeff!

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I exist outside of time apparently.

Now to sneak into the sorority house!

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Everyone knows who the real star is. Hint it's the jar.

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Have a holy jarry jarmas everyone

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The half hour that never was.

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I am morbidly curious about what Jeff's roommate is up to. Sounds like a SWAT team descending on Jeff's home AGAIN is very likely.

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Yay! Been a while.

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That entertainment center looks dusty.

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Edit: This was a terrific video. Great analysis and opinion. Cheers Jeff.

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I love that he drinks out of a jar. One of the best video game journalists right now it still keepin it gangsta.

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Jeff has plans for worldwide internet domination. GIANT BOMB IS WATCHING YOU! If only Orwell had predicted that.

Good to hear there are plans for expansion, though. As long as the ads stay witty and at the least approached differently than usual, I'm happy.

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Merry Christmas Jeff

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Have a great holiday Jeff!

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Its a holiday miracle!

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Jeff, I can say as a subscriber that those ads are phenomenal.

ONLY because y'all put that GB spin on it.

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Sweet, more surprise stuff going up. I'm down.

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Are you telling us subscribers that your roommate still owes you paper because you want something done about it?

because that can be arranged

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Last State of the Dudeunion address of the year. Go to hell 2013!

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The Neo Geo cart serial numbers were filed off because they were used to kill a guy.

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I love the ad's you guys do with the podcast they are so fun to listen to with you and Vinny. I would say next to Stone Cold you do the best promo's.

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Alex Kidd is awesome!! How dare you

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Die Jar'd

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With the way the crew executes the advertisements in the podcast, I almost feel like I'm missing out by not listening to them. I'm a subscriber, but I don't mind the ads at all, and I'll continue to feel that way if they continue being delivered the way they are now.

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Who's this? Never heard of him before. Is he a new intern?

@jeff SCART is indeed lower quality than component. It's better than composite if the machine can output RGB, if not it will look the same as composite.

Also Cody got great once Alpha came around and he took on the prisoner persona.

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Jeff be flashin the cash

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Jammin the PM!..........I'll let myself out.

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Man people need to lay off Crimson Dragon. No idea why it got crucified for that shit. People exaggerated the shit out of it. It's off in the shop somewhere. It's not in your face.

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I will be sparing a thought for the late great Ryan Davis this Christmas. May he rest in peace.

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Jar Time is an early Christmas present.

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I agree, Giantbomb needs a black guy. Maybe a gay black guy.

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It's a Jarmus Miracle!

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Jeff has a knack of making me feel super depressed at the end of these videos. It truly is a talent.

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Whoah! Surprise jar time. It's been a while. Glad to see you again.

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The "14-19 year old who knows everything" is so goddamn true. I was the exact same way. It's the worst.

Really, the final 20-30 minutes of this video should be required viewing for everyone on the internet.

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This year has certainly been Jarring.

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@milkman: That's the fun part.

The scary bit is the twenty something that suddenly realizes you know fuck all about almost everything.

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That bit at the end sure was depressing. Really makes you feel for Jeff and everything he's been through.

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Jeff once again drops the sage wisdom.

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Thank you, Jeff. Merry Xmas everybody.

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oh yeah! cover that website in SEO juice!

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I love these Jar videos. So insightful.