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Edit - Yeah this looks like a real winner.

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Everything bad is Kanye's fault.


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I must say, I do rather like to obtain exaggerated claims in my video games, fellow canine. I cannot speak for the rest of you fine gentlemen, of course.


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At first I was like "Say What?!"

Then I saw the Ubisoft Logo and I was Like "Word!".

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A game that will teach all of us how to dance like tools. Thanks Kanye!

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I actually think that we can fault EA for this. THANKS EA...AGAIN!!

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Making fun of Kanye is a little hackneyed by now, isn't it, guys?

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@skamando said:

Making fun of Kanye is a little hackneyed by now, isn't it, guys?


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Kanye West is rad. Ride or die.


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How is it Kanye's fault that people in the game are dressed like Run DMC and 50 cent?

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DANCE MARATHON. That sounds like it could go bad real fast. Looks like a surprisingly competent dancing game for the Kinect.

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This guy really sucks at Wobbling...

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I'm not sure how this fits but its the first thing that came to my mind.

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surprised it does have the same art style of Just Dance. But there's a problem with those models and that background, I think Dance Central does that better.

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They're neve going to make a Def Jam Rap Star 2, are they?

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@sissylion: Hell yeah. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is a pretty solid album.

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I fear "Wobble" is also my worst dance. :-(

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I want to see the Dubstep Dance Experience.

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severe lack of proper late 90s real hiphop

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