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Even if the story ends up being total shit, it looks like the gameplay will be a blast.

Posted by SpartanHoplite

really hate raiden, always had. give me gray fox instead.

Posted by MEATBALL

Laughing out loud at this. It is incredible. The voice acting. Raided driving a car. Hilarious. I can't wait.

Posted by Rowr

What a load of shit.

Posted by darkjester74

@Treygdor said:

"Deadly force is authorized"

Puts away gun and pulls out a stun baton.

Yep. Also? Foot swords. Clearly, this is a Platinum game.

Posted by DaSmart1

You people know the game is supposed to be stupid and hammy right? Like, that's the point.

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@branthog: I think you're kind of missing the intentional stupidity of this