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Looks interesting.

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Might be cool.

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Flight Club GO !

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"more prey than predator" is a cool ass saying

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It's going to be awesome.

I mean, he has "GOTY" right there in his name!

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i think i wil use the joystick becuse my older brother has a joystick i think i will ask him if i can borro it so i can play world of warplanes becuse it looks awesum and i think he wil let me if i show him this video. i know i will be more pray than preditor but i think i can get a hang of it real quickly...


Seriously, having a video with the developers describing how various control schemes work is a little underwhelming. It's as if they're aiming a little low, for the 8 - 12 year old market instead of the hardcore gamer or casual simmer market. Your core audience knows how a fucking joystick works.

EDIT: That's the joke, isn't it? This video is a joke, right? I'm having one of those "WHOOSH" moments?

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I... Just want them to dub their trailer for international release...

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I've been playing world of tanks for about a year now, and i got access to the closed beta of this, and although the beta is rough, it has great promise. World of Tanks has evolved beautifully over the past year, constantly refining itself, so although the start techtree looks a little thin, i bet this will be a hoot :)

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@namco51: The control scheme seems to be aimed at not getting in the way of the tactics. It is not a simulator by any stretch of the imagination :P

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Can you Eject?

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@wibby: Alas, no :(

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Now we know what FPSRussia's day job is.

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I'm waiting to be accepted into the beta but nothing yet. :(

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That title makes me cringe.

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World of Giant Bomb Flight Club, yes!

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No dubstep soundtrack, no buy

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At its core, this is just a sort-of pointless video explaining the same variation of control advantages that are true for every game. But whoever edited it is a fucking genius. It was like these bored-looking Euro game devs were Led Zeppelin or some shit.

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@wibby: Hopefully upside down!

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Why is no one crashing or opening the canopy midair?