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The soul still burns.

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You are right Alex. This does have the feel of a cable TV show. Weird from square.

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not just you Alex, I can almost smell the keys of a Who song. pretty snazzy looking though.

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So this is Ghost Trick 2?

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When I saw, "The hardest murder to solve is your own," I immediately thought of this gem:

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I've been wanting an HD remake of Ghost Trick forever!

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I'm getting some funny Cowboy Bebop vibes from this thing. All we need is:

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I've been wanting an HD remake of Ghost Trick forever!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that the premise was very similar to Ghost Trick.

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LA Noir X Ghost Trick?

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Brief is right, but as others have said, similar premise to ghost trick, i hope its not a new shooter IP though

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Hopefully it will star Rocket as the main character instead of this guy.

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The most impressive thing is that they got Murdered.com

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LA Noir X Ghost Trick?

Yep, Ghost Trick was THE FIRST THING that came to mind.

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Ghost Trick! So where's the cool hair? Where's the sassy chief?!

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Was that gun scene straight out of Se7en?

Also...the Heavy rain styled spiritual successor to ghost trick?

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Sci fi detective game? Sounds good to me.

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Murdered is a great video game name.

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So, it's Ghost Trick but without the style or charm. Can't wait.

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That name is hilarious. MURDERED.

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I'm really liking Square-Enix's new approach after taking Eidos.

Maybe they could become the next Ubisoft.

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@mofaz said:

That name is hilarious. MURDERED.

The soul still burns.

The most impressive thing is that they got Murdered.com

Yes, yes and yes!

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Looks interesting, but early 2014? I can't think that fucking far ahead. I will forget about this... tomorrow.

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fuck yeah se7en camera angle. best shot of the movie.

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Ghost Trick: The Reckoning

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I will hope for amazing things because it's more fun that way.

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All the Ghost Trick comments and not one person mentions Shadow of Destiny/Memories for the PS2?

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Damn they got a pretty good URL.

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uh, by "square enix" they actually mean "Eidos", right? The Square Enix I've known for the past ten years or so would never develop a game that looked this interesting

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Like to see that PC symbol. :)

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@noelveiga said:

So this is Ghost Trick 2?

God fucking damn it - now you said it out loud, I want that so bad.

But no.

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narrator sounds like ironside.