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This game is awesome!

Played a fair bit of it a while back and it's really a thinking man's game. really good

Posted by senorgrande

looks cool

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Looks good, can't wait to see how the solo/campaign stuff develops out for the full release.

Posted by Rukus

Gonna have to pick this up for the soundtrack alone. Really enjoyed Frozen Synapse, so I'll gladly support Mode7.

Posted by Bollard

The fact this is a lot more streamlined and simple than Frozen Synapse is both great, and unfortunate. Played a bunch of this when the beta came out (enough to get top 25 in the world anyway), and sometimes felt like it was a little too simple.

Nonetheless, it was fun and I recommend it.

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Posted by Veektarius

The strategy employed in the demo game made no sense to me. There is a clear rugby bias in this version of 'football' though, so my sensibilities may not apply.

Posted by Stimpack

This needed to exist.

Posted by ripelivejam

truly the best of all modes.

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it's like Cyberball, but not really.

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You can't tell me what to do! You're not my real Blood Bowl!

Although I do still like what I see.

Posted by Hippie_Genocide

It's like Cyberball meets XCom....I can dig that. I didn't watch the whole video, but do they actually refer to it as "football" at any point? It seemed like they were going out of their way not to.


Football is literally the only thing that could make me buy a turn based strategy game. I hope the guys do an Unfinished for it! @jeff

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Sure is a lot of waist-high cover in the Friendzone...

Posted by ViciousBearMauling

Not-So-Buggy Blood Bowl?

Posted by Smorlock

Ugh this looks bland as hell. The visual design is so bad. Also why are they robots when they don't do any robot things?

Posted by paulunga

So, Sci-Fi Blood Bowl? Looks interesting though.

Posted by DTS

@smorlock said:

Ugh this looks bland as hell. The visual design is so bad. Also why are they robots when they don't do any robot things?

Playing future-sport for my amusement is a very robot thing to do.

Posted by MeatSim

All these robots have the Iron Man mask.

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Highly recommended game. Been playing it since the first release back in December.

Posted by aidros

I feel like I saw a tidbit of info about this game like 3 years ago and it's now coming back. Hopefully it will reach a solid audience if they self-publish and being on the PC. Music is awesome