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I love videogames,

and this is A.

Posted by Reisz

The best co-op door is a stealth co-op door

Posted by EmuLeader

The two play split screen got me the most excited. Looks like just more of the same from conviction, but more games need to include split screen. It's more fun to play that way with a friend right next to you.

Posted by Video_Game_King

So what you're saying is that Sam Fisher is now an....

Army of Two?

Posted by zoozilla

Wow, split-screen. You don't see that very often these days.

Posted by Wacomole

Split screen? Surely you mean "Splintered Screen".

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2 player split-screen. Very pleasantly surprised they put that on the trailer.

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The co-op stuff was the most interesting part of Conviction so this could be pretty cool I guess.

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Ain't no Archer and Kestrel that's for sure.

Posted by DJJoeJoe

The co-op stuff was the most interesting part of Conviction so this could be pretty cool I guess.

co-op WAS pretty fun, even if I didn't really have the best co-op partner at the time it was still more interesting than playing solo, and I even liked the solo campaign a lot.

Posted by 014

I'm ready for more Splinter Cell.

Posted by Nights

From the looks of this, I'd still rather play through Chaos Theory's co-op, but this is better than nothing I suppose.

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@reisz said:

The best co-op door is a stealth co-op door

Like the co-op door you never see?

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Posted by Devillancer

Never played any Splinter Cell, but I gotta say, the stealth action looks like what I wanted MGS to evolve into.

Posted by Roger778


The Co-op looks pretty cool.

Posted by popmasterruler

So they replace Ironside as Sam Fisher but give his partner a gravely voice?!Fuck off Ubisoft.

Posted by Crysack

And the series-ruining continues. Cheers Ubisoft.

Posted by jillsandwich

Conviction co-op was fucking great. Playing that on Realistic definitely had some great "oh shit" moments. Sufficiently stoked.

Posted by pinner458

I fucking hate this Smallville motherfucker! Why does a man in his forties, who has grey hair don't forget, sound like some 17 year old douche-bag?

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Kudos for having split screen? Unless it's poorly implemented of course.

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I have a feeling this is going to end with Sam Fisher having to chop off that rookie's arm with an ax because he got a bomb strapped to it, only to never have him appear in another Splinter Cell game ever again.

Pretty cool, nonetheless, to see Sam Fisher involved in the co-op. That's a first.

Now, if only they'd bring back Ironside...

Posted by Fwankenstein

God...I just cannot take that voice seriously >.< At least it's split screen.

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Might just snag this game for co-op and multiplayer alone... might.

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You can dub the fucking mo cap voice. How? I don't know, isn't that how it's always been done?