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Posted by MichaelEM3

I'm pretty sure this puts you on some kind of list, Alex.

No, a second one.

Posted by BBAlpert

I will seriously chip in for the cost of a round trip plane ticket between New York City and San Francisco if that's what it would take to get Alex in on a Quick Look of this.

Posted by Orange_Pork

This has to be a Quick Look. Please you guys. I would appreciate this a whole lot and it would make me really happy.

Posted by Stimpack

It's about god damned time!

Posted by BeefyGrandmole

From the publisher of no more heroes and deadly premonition.

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Wait for the "Drugged and Raped by Photographers from Vice.com on Your 13th Birthday Then Get Called a Dyke When You Don't Like It Then Get Called a Fat Ugly Life Ruiner by Your Alcoholic Ford Excursion Driving Crackberry Addict Mother" DLC.

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Fuck that, this should be a TNT.

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Where's my entitled female game journalism game?

Posted by weegieanawrench

Everytime I hear that chime for the 3DS, I want it to continue into this. And yeah @orange_pork and I would be chuffed if you gave us a QL.

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Take note, Alex is speaking from experience here, people. Games journalism was his fallback.

Posted by GoldSoundz

I wonder how Creepy Jeff feels about this.

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You wanted a Pokemon Snap follow-up for 3DS? Well here it is!

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This truly is the pinnacle of gaming excellence.

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You are calling it silly pink lies because you do not have the balls to actually do better than these aspiring ladies. There must be a way of using you as a working model and also have you (ALEX), ql this beautiful and creative game. I'm sure your GF would have some great outfits for you. You could say pose holding your cat to your cheek while prancing on one leg...so many possibilities.

But nooooo....you just take the cheap route and poo-poo this highly creative art of inspired women. Ought to get that Anita after you!!!!!

Posted by peritus

This truly is the pinnacle of gaming excellence.

If only it had more diving and/or kicking.

Posted by tourgen

they said rated E for everyone but I take issue with that.

Posted by BaconGames

I want that LIFE GOES ON BLAH! shirt and tell people with enthusiasm it's from this game. I guess it's not as shallow as other make your own fashion/dress up the pretty girl games out there?

You know, thinking about it I wonder what kind of game we would get if a well known and liked studio made it. Also I love Alex's wiki entry for this game.

Posted by ImmortalSaiyan

I dig the outfits but game looks dull.

Posted by ptys

I'd buy it for the music alone... I'm serious!

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Day one purchase.

Posted by csl316

Dude, SOLD!

Posted by m2cks

Oh wow, the guys putting out this are the same guys putting out the Deadly Premonition PC port. Somehow that seems oddly fitting.

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Alex be trollin'.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

Whenever Alex needs inspiration for which trailer to post, he just looks toward his desk, at the exquisite, framed portrait of a giant middle finger.

Posted by Vuud

The most sexist thing since the invention of the penis.

Posted by JohnZimmerman

oh japan (sigh)

Posted by KyleBsure

I wonder if there will be an eating disorder expansion pack?

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How is there no Life Goes On Blah t-shirt in the GB store yet? @rorie Get on it!

Posted by lord_python

...and this is why I come to Giant bomb!

Posted by MeatSim

All those other October release's better move out of the way.

Posted by Xpgamer7


Girls fashion shoot

coming this fall.

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@vuud said:

The most sexist thing since the invention of the penis.

It's utterly retarded and clearly marketed towards women. But how is it sexist? I admit I got almost a little pissed off at first, but then I thought one step further and I can't really see a problem with the product itself (other than the quality, then).

Why wouldn't it be ok to make a game about fashion and modelling? The target market for such a game will obviously be young girls, so they made a trailer which should appeal to that demographic.

There is nothing sexist about it. But man does it look dumb.

Posted by Deusoma

For those of you wondering about the T-shirt:

It's actually "Life goes on, brah", as in slang for 'brother', but I can see where someone could hear it wrong. Couldn't see why they wouldn't look up the lyrics to be sure before sticking it in a videogame, though.

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Note to everyone: This is a different kind of first person shooter. It even has "shoot" in the name. Is Respawn the developer?

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This game looks like Style Boutique which was a singularly fantastic game. It's not the same dev, but I'd give it a look.