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Posted by Klager

@klei said:

Oddly enough, the gunplay looks kind of tight.

The gunplay, the gun animations and the sounds are all really tight. Soundtrack is also stellar.

Posted by Player1

This game looks like a whole lot of fun. From what I've heard the original payday didn't exactly have a great online community so hopefully I'll be able to talk some buddies into getting this.

Posted by MeatSim

I like how low energy the guy talking was.

Posted by Andheez

@elko84: lol i was literally about to post almost the same thing.

Posted by bwmcmaste

This might get me back into Payday. Also, 'ECM yammer'.

Posted by slantedwindows

all that for $10,000 each? silly criminals...

Posted by Kartana

Still hordes of Police forces just rushing in to get killed... same as the first game. Hoped they would change that....

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Posted by eloj

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Posted by pinner458

This game has some great ideas and the masks make it super cool looking but like the first one it all just seems to be executed in a way that isn't "fun".

Posted by pinner458

@hassun: TNT is meant to have a competitive element...

Posted by reversethedevil

Looks way more reasonable than the first game. Endless SWAT guys and that second mission where you just run away for the entire game. I like how the roles are more differentiated.

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