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Posted by Joemotycki

But alex... How can you like a game thats so RACIST?!?! .... :D

Posted by Atwa

hell yeah south park!

Edited by TournamentOfHate

2nd person I've seen to say this trailer spoils way too much. Shame really, not like the game's not going to sell.

Posted by csl316

I should apply that launch trailer advice to every game. Seems more and more common to show things like final battles and such.

Sorry GB, I will not click on this video. Hopefully.

Posted by mORTEN81

Thanks for the heads up Alex!

Posted by Vuud

I most likely will play this, I don't care about story spoilers, but I want the jokes to be fresh. I feel like I already saw too much in the quick look. I didn't heed their warnings!

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I already saw the first hour of the game. I can't spoil anymore for myself. Super excited though!

Posted by BBQBram

I didn't mind the spoilers since it's pretty predictable where the plot will go anyway. South Park has a habit of escalating the kids' stories to global happenings.

Posted by MeatSim

Then I guess I won't watch it.

Edited by ashton

Played it for 2 hours last night and it is fucking incredible!!

Posted by TournamentOfHate

Just finished the game, and I can't believe how much they showed in this trailer, they basically spoiled the entire game. If some troll on the net had got an early copy of South Park and wanted to make a quick video spoiling the entire game, it would be almost exactly like this video. I can't believe Ubisoft would put this out and dampen a lot of the enjoyment of playing the game just to make absolutely sure that people would buy it. Like come on it was going to sell well anyways you didn't have to ruin a lot of it for people. Glad I didn't watch this before I played because several of those moments were awesome seeing them for the first time in game.