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Not sure if I should watch this, but I will.

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I told myself that I wasn't going to watch this but HERE I AM

I got to the point where it said the word "Spoilers" and I immediately closed every tab I had open just to be sure I didn't see anything

Posted by Bummey

So, do they just have no faith in their Columbia setting? Why go back to Rapture?

Posted by rushdo

@bummey I bet we will know more by the end of the DLC. None of us knew why Bioshock: Infinite had the Bioshock title until we played it.

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@bummey: Have you finished Infinite?

Posted by mrGREEK360

Looks great, can't wait.

Posted by LackingSaint

@bummey said:

So, do they just have no faith in their Columbia setting? Why go back to Rapture?

To me it just seems like they had a cool idea for a crossover story, or some lingering ideas for plots in Rapture that they wanted to get out there.

A more cynical me might say "Because 'Bioshock Infinite DLC' isn't as attractive a headline as 'Bioshock Infinite DLC GOES BACK TO RAPTURE' ".

Posted by Milkman

Does this thing have a release date yet?

Posted by AMyggen

Really like the noir feel.

Posted by vikingdeath1


..... I really liked Bioshock 1....

Posted by Zurv

ugh.. me want!

Posted by geirr

Not watching this, the teaser was enough. Looking forward to playing it unspoiled!

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Wow...that looks neat. Hopefully there's very little/no combat. It'd be cool just to soak in the atmosphere and experience a cool story.

Posted by erhard

This looks super cool, which is why I'm not watching it.

Posted by PurpleSpandex


Posted by triviaman09

Seeing Rapture before everything went to hell is pretty much worth the price of admission all by itself.

Posted by bunkerbuster05

@geirr said:

Not watching this, the teaser was enough. Looking forward to playing it unspoiled!

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Seems pretty neat. I'm curious to see just how much this DLC mirrors and crosses over with the story of BioShock Infinite proper. There's quite a few parallels forming in just those first five minutes. Also, I just rewatched it and noticed the date on Booker's calendar. Pretty ominous for anyone that's played BioShock and knows what's about to happen.

Posted by Paindamnation

Who else is totally psyched about this DLC, and this makes you want to go play Bioshock? Theres not much spoilers here for those concerned.

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I just don't understand who would watch this. Like I was let down by Infinite and don't see myself buying/playing this and even I'm not going to watch it. I can't imagine watching it if you are actually going to play it later...

Posted by TheManWithNoPlan

So tempting, but alas, I must resist the allure.

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Loving the higher-fidelity Big Daddies.

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I NEED this.

Posted by Pudge

The way Liz sways her hips in the beginning is strangely amazing to me.

Posted by mrsmiley

the only part of infinite i really enjoyed was the brief stint in rapture (sorry if that's a spoiler for folks, but the game has been out for a while...). i wasn't a fan of infinite otherwise, but i will gladly play this!

Posted by S3V3N

Love to see what you made of the place ^^

Really cool to see it all in peak condition for once and after all the darkness that was Bioshock (1)!

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The world of Rapture is so freaking amazing. The art style for the world is probably one of the most realized things in video games.

I also didn't know the season pass was $20. I thought it was $30. I think I'm going to go get that season pass now.

Posted by HoboZero

Why did I watch that!? Sooooo Good! But now I can'y play it! Nooooooo!

If you want to go in cold, I would say don't watch this - there are subtle hints in the dialog about... stuff.

Me, I am watching again...

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Fool me once...

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Ahhhhhhhh I want to watch this but I'm not gonna!

Posted by Thombo

Fantastic. Story DLC is always my favorite

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"BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode Two

In this DLC pack, you become Elizabeth as she seeks to bring closure to her story, and to BioShock Infinite’s."

On the steam season pass store page. Fuck yes I didn't know that

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allways wondered what rapture was like before and in way looks awesome. but in another way think would been best left to my imagination. its like a dream or goal the idea and wanting of the dream often turns out to be better then the realisation of dream or goal

Posted by TheVeteran13

Spoilers: There's more aggressive elevator button pushing

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Notice the AD on his hand is tattooed, not branded

Posted by chilipeppersman

@smiddy: seriously. dlc looks alright, but infinite was so bland just thinking about playing it or any dlc just sounds boring. I like that they are doing rapture and you see the practical use for big daddies. Beyond that, I could care less.

Posted by kennybaese

@chaser324: I'm think that Kevin Levine has said that the first DLC focuses on Booker right before shit hits the fan and the second half is Elizabeth right after.

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@razeeverything: Yup. I know the man and the light house bit, and everything that entails, but going back to Rapture (after two full games and all the associated DLC) implies that they think Columbia isn't good enough to stand as the setting for future content. Which kind of makes sense, seeing how poor the Infinite DLC has been up to this point.

Or maybe I'm just reading too deeply into things. It doesn't matter because I liked Rapture better, anyway, and I won't be buying the DLC.

Posted by Dtat

Anybody else wish these episodes had little/no combat? I'd love an adventure game set in the Bioshock universe.

Posted by Video_Game_King

So is this the Rapture I'd actually want to live in, or is it the shithole Rapture we've all come to know and love?

Posted by BBQBram

I have already spent way too much of my time over-analyzing the implications of Infinite's plot and ending and now there's even more layers?!

Great. (Can't wait.)

Posted by Parsnip

Not gonna watch this trailer.

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Elizabeth jogging though Rapture in heels, tons of makeup, and a lit cigarette kind of ruins the atmosphere. Seems like they needed her to stay ahead of the player a little too badly.

Posted by marbleCmoney

I'm pretty pumped to go back to Rapture.

Posted by adamlcook

Interesting stuff, I wonder how/if it will line up with Infinite's overall plot. Having the season pass since release I am thrilled real content is close, I hope it is worth the wait.

Posted by BillyMaysRIP

@video_game_king: A bit of both - the beginning is set in the rich part of Rapture. Later, you have to go into the poor shit-show slums of Rapture, Fontaine's department store, where the drugged up proto-splicers rule. It's a mirror of the middle of Infinite where you descend into the slums of Columbia. However, the splicers are supposed to be different than the first game. They have coherent conversations and work with each other instead of just bum-rushing the player.

Honestly, I'm excited. The first DLC takes place a day before the shit hit the fan in Rapture, and I bet they will end the first DLC with a great cliffhanger.

Posted by flannelbeard
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