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Posted by drummand

I like that they included an accolade from Forbes.

Edited by Stimpack

Well, that kind of took a while. I thought this was already uploaded here.

Posted by MoronBhndWheel

Sounds identical to my multi-player sessions. My friends and i talk exactly like that.

"plug your ears Darla"

Posted by Veektarius

My conversation would go more like, "What'd you think about that new Iron Man movie?" "Yeah, I didn't think it was that bad if you know what you were getting into with Shane Black. How are they going to bring him back for... shit. I died."

Posted by Y2Ken

I thought the E3 demo for The Division came the closest to sounding like real chatter. It almost sounded like the characters talking, but listening to what they were actually saying it was more obviously players saying stuff. And it wasn't too shabby.

Posted by oodli

Didn't you mean to say "I don't talk to people when I play multiplayer games"?

Edited by Rorie

@stimpack: We posted the E3 reveal trailer, but this was just published on Destiny's youtube channel today. It's much longer and includes the gameplay stuff from the press conference this was on.

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No Giantbomb quote in the trailer, can't trust it

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No! Darla!

Posted by Gargantuan

Well, that was awkward. The game looks good though. I wonder how the RPG elements will work in PVP.

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@rorie: Ah, I see now. It's certainly cleaned up a bit, but I don't know what you mean by it being much longer =P They showed literally the exact same thing/amount as they did during the conference. Also thanks for the response, Rorie, I'm honored! =)

*edit* Ohhh, unless you meant it's much longer than what we had posted up on Giant Bomb before. In which case, yeah, I remember I had to look at Youtube to see the full video.

Posted by Grumpytrousers

I like the long rifles... especially when they're covered with... netting.

Very organic conversation. Game looks really cool though.

Posted by joshthebear

God, the talking in that was super awkward.

Edited by Goldanas

Only in actually difficult cooperative multiplayer experiences do me and people I play with actually speak in such a way. When I was playing some end-game stuff in DCU, we'd actively communicate our status because it was important for the success of the mission.

In just about every other game with online friends, I'm often just bullshitting. I'll sing over the mic, or do voices, and if we do chat about stuff, it's about the what's new in life. If I'm not playing with friends in these same situations, I don't even connect my mic.

If you ask me, the people who found the player-to-player dialogue artificial are of the mind that what they saw of the gameplay suggested that it wasn't very engaging.

I think the gameplay doesn't look very engaging or especially difficult.

Edited by TheManWithNoPlan

I love scripted demos.

Posted by blacklab

Damn dude. Refreshing to hear that Jason Jones voice again. I can still recall his preso at the Macworld expo where they revealed the transformed FPS Halo.

'You hold the world in your, big, green hands.'

Posted by Daneian

The few years of my life without Joseph Staten was pretty all right.

Edited by Nardak

- "How we looking"?

- "Getting dark"

- "Okay I will get my bot out"

Yep...totally natural conversation there....

Edited by Andorski

The banter is not as terribly awkward as the Sony conference demo.

Posted by DrForrester57

Bungie's forced banter is better than most of the forced banter you get during multiplayer demos.

Posted by Krakn3Dfx

This game looks pretty good. I'm definitely interested.

Edited by Rocospi

NEVER understand why they always have awkward scripted dialogue in demos. A simple voiceover would have been better.

Posted by BBQBram

Now this does look amazing, a webrip didn't do it justice. Exciting times.

Posted by porr

Lol that voice work..

Edited by Akujin

"Better than yours!"

OOooooOOooooooouuuuOoooooo!!! Good One Darla!!!

Posted by IanYarborough

My excitement for this game is so great that not even the hyper-lame "banter" in this video can dampen it.

Sort of curious that Bungie would clash with the epic, heavy tone that all of the other marketing for this game establishes.

Posted by Keen_12

Reminds me so much of the halo 2 e3 demo

Posted by EveretteScott

@goldanas said:

If you ask me, the people who found the player-to-player dialogue artificial are of the mind that what they saw of the gameplay suggested that it wasn't very engaging.

Those things are completely unrelated.

Posted by Goldanas

@everettescott: My entire post prior to the statement was relating those two elements.

The conversation is forced because the combat does not demand it.

Posted by WickedFather

So fake, but mostly looks crap. New tech, same tired shite.

Edited by MeatSim

People talk like that all the time in multiplayer games in Bizzaro world.

Edited by Dagbiker

It sounds like they recorded this at a different time, and in separate rooms, and with out any communication what-so-ever. Because they both sound like they are talking to brick walls.

Posted by John1912

Awful video, made me much less interested in this game. Now im back to not caring at all.

Posted by Pr1m8

gearbox must be shitting themselfs

Posted by kindnivore

I am really looking forward to this game, but damn if that 'chatter' wasn't fucking annoying.

Posted by HerbieBug

Can I play this single player without people? I don't play well with others.

Posted by WeaponBoy

Wow, they redid the audio and made it cheesier. Still, game looks rad as hell.

Posted by Krulian

I'm worried I won't like this game as much as I reeaaaalllly want to like it. The voice chat/acting really doesnt help AT ALL.

Posted by Toxin066

I'm ready to become legend.

Posted by DrBeardface

Way to go, fireteam! Good job, buddies, we really took that beast down a peg, didn't we fellas, ol' buddies ol' pals?!

Edited by Godlyawesomeguy

Those are some sterling quotes for a goddamn E3 demo.

Posted by Zaccheus

The refaking of this is just unbearable. It wasn't great on stage, but it at least had some energy to it even though it was clearly scripted and practiced. "What's it's name?" "Better than yours?" and a fake laugh... Awful stuff.

Posted by Dooftastic

I watched until the roving flashlight was trying to be funny and I couldn't watch any more. Just awful dialogue.

Posted by OurSin_360

Was this the exact same footage from E3 with different audio attached? It was a guy with the "long rifle" last time (not sure if the character was though).

If it's the same footage but with a different character then it's safe to bet that it's not real time at all and they just subbed in a different model. eh

Edited by Questionable

How dare they call that a gun skilltree?!?

Its only a single narrow path, its a leveling system where you end up maxing even the rarest and legendary weapons, solely trough time commitment ie grinding.

Grinding i normally am not opposed to but looking at how linear the level design is this demo has put me off from Destiny. Guess titan fall will be my next gen shooter of choice.

Posted by ThankYouGiantBomb


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