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This might be good.

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hope reviews for this come out soon, I'm interested in buying it.

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word on the street is that this is the best PS4 launch title

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Need for Speed Ghosts.

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This game seems to be one of the more solid launch titles. If you're picking up a PS4, and want a racer, there aren't many alternatives, but it doesn't seem like a bad one.

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For me not this weekend but whenever Amazon ships it to me.

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Wait... why does the release date say 11.19.13? Isn't this a PS4 launch game. Is that why Amazon hasn't shipped me my copy?

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What's up with the impossible-to-scan QR code at 1:08? Also, especially in the these next-gen trailers, there needs to be an indication of what is in-game and what is pre-rendered. Obviously the stuff with the cop in the car is pre-rendered, but was the actual driving in-game? If so, that's pretty impressive.

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My copy doesn't arrive til Tuesday. /me shakes fist at Amazon

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If only I had gotten one of the ps4's that worked, I may have given this a try.

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Own it, can confirm it is good so far

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Jesus, I watched this trailer and kept judging it as if it was Forza or Gran Turismo in regards to realistic levels of beating those cars get. Man, I had too much wine last night.

Looks competent enough though and pretty decent looking. Whatever platform that trailer is on.

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He refuses to apologize for speeding through that school zone.

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"Next-gen is impressive." -IGN about the PS2

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I actually need to take this out of the shrink wrap and play it. Did Killzone and Knack first

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I played with my friend for about 3 hours. Pretty fun but I hate having to drive to races just to start them.