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Ducks. I like ducks.

Also, my dad loves these games way more than Madden. I wish they'd upgrade the visuals. It kinda looks like garbage now in 2011. Sort of. Some of those animations are weirdly floaty.

EDIT: Finally got first, and it's for this? How are there no comments? Eh. No complaints. AV Club set complete.

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It's strange to me that this series has looked so much better than Madden graphically for the past 2 years.

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I would have not watched this video if not for the title.

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If this game was about the mascots I'd guess I'd find it somewhat more appealing.

Posted by theodacourt

I want this to be Mortal Kombat, but all the fighters are the team mascots.

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Mascots are what wins football games.

Posted by AhmadMetallic

funny title and caption ^^

also, exciting tailer! too bad i don't play sports games
Posted by HelicopterSpy

I'm not terribly excited for this game, but the video delivered on the totally great title.

Also. College mascots make for the best SportsCenter commercials.