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Posted by TheSpaceMadness

Reminds me of CoD 2

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That dude hella shot that other dude.

Posted by awesomeusername

Why did they even waste resources making this?

Posted by fisk0

Kinda surprised to see Namco Bandai publishing this, didn't City Interactive use to self publish their games?

Posted by Shortbreadtom

Weird, I was under the impression this whole time it was for current gen consoles too

Posted by BabyChooChoo

Well...I wish them luck. Certainly doesn't look like a bad game, but everything about it, including the name, could not possibly seem more average.

Posted by mbkish

What is this, DoD?

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I like how the music syncs with the gunshots early on in the trailer.

Then that goes away.

Posted by JoeUK

Thank god - I'm genuinely happy there's a new WW2 multiplayer shooter! RTCW will forever be the pinnacle for me, but this will have to do.

Posted by PurplePartyRobot

Finally! A WWII-era shooter!

Posted by Morningstar

What's a "gun"?

Posted by EveretteScott

Why did they even waste resources making this?

Same can be said about your comment.

Posted by pinner458

Yep it's definitely a WW2 multiplayer FPS game...

Posted by baka_shinji17

No Nazi robots = no sale.

Posted by Tikicobra

I don't think this looks very good but I can get behind a new WWII shooter. They kind of went away after Call of Duty 4.

Posted by cm944

Every time I see something about this game, I think "awesome, another Wolfenstein multiplayer game" and then I remember that was Enemy Territory.

Posted by OldManLight

Oh this isn't a F2P game? Hahahah!

Posted by SuperSambo

@awesomeusername said:

Why did they even waste resources making this?

Same can be said about your comment.

Not exactly a comparable expenditure.

Edited by RazeEverything

Maps look they could use another detail pass. Screen grab up top is a box with a wall texture on it. Maybe spruce it up with some trim or a pipe or something. Looks like a test level i created back in the day in the half life editor.

Posted by SuperSambo

Reminds me of Hour of Victory

Posted by awesomeusername
Posted by Bollard

Who wants this?

Posted by EveretteScott

@everettescott: Oh man. What a burn. :(

Wasn't mean to be an insult. So apply some burn ointment and feel better!

Not exactly a comparable expenditure.

Not part of my reasoning to make it comparable. I am aware it's a wide difference.

Posted by WSGEXE

Live out your fantasy of the destruction of America!

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Posted by Familyguy1

I don't think this looks very good but I can get behind a new WWII shooter. They kind of went away after Call of Duty 4.

There is always Red Orchestra 2 ;)

Posted by TheIrishCuisine

wasn't this the game that had that really emotional trailer, and was trying to show how messed up WWII was? What happened to that?

Edited by awesomeusername

@everettescott: Well I'm going to take it as an insult anyway because I want to fight you. So internet fight me jerk!

Posted by CaLe
@scraz said:

I guffawed heartily.

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Copyright 2007.

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Looks like CounterStrike 1.6...

Posted by AssInAss

Shootin', stranglin', stabbing Nazis.

Posted by Mike

Copyright 2007.

Seriously...this game would have looked bad even if one compared it to Call of Duty 2 over seven years ago.

At least it's "only" $39.99...and not a full priced game. 90% off on Steam coming soon!

Edited by SomberOwl

I hope this turns out to be really good.

Posted by Mr_Creeper
Posted by solidlife

I would like a HD version of COD2 multiplayer that game was the shit on 360

Posted by LevelUpAdrian

Dat framerate (anyone else notice that?)

Edited by me3639

Any chance to take shots at sarcastic writers?

Posted by BigD145

These "guns" seem OP.

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Posted by SharkEthic

To reiterate, fuck this game. Seriously.

Edited by VibratingDonkey

Yeah, the early Call of Duty's and Allied Assault is what this reminds you of. As an homage, and for people who want to go back to simpler MP times, this looks fine. But it just doesn't seem like a game that'll manage to sustain a sufficient player count for long. From what I've seen of the SP, it too looks like an early 00's FPS with improved production values. And as far as I'm aware there's not really a whole lot of nostalgia for or desire to revive that "genre".

I feel bad for the people who've spent so much of their time on this. Just seems like such a misguided concept.

Edited by Unilad

Hello Day of Defeat.

Posted by RedRavN

This game could be a lot of fun. As some people have said it reminds one of the good old days of COD2 multiplayer. Seriously, the way the guns recoil and animate looks almost identical to that game at least in the trailer. Thats fine I suppose but I was hoping this game would be a bit more tactical/squad based and less run up on a guy and hipfire. I'm curious what they have put in this game to encourage players to work as a team and how big the maps are.

Posted by Accolade
Edited by wenny

may look at the game from the prior three years, but to me it makes no difference. I'm sick of games that shine, sparkle and are the same. Here I return to the years of my youth, I have here a piece of history, promising an interesting story, here's what I miss in the new games. So ok, write yourself that this game looks like CS 1.6, for me it does not look to the MP mode is that it does not look bad, and my friends I can spend a good time. CI Games, good job!

Posted by fuzzypumpkin
Posted by Sikboy1029

@tikicobra: You mean they went away after World at War, COD4 was a modern military fps

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