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Edited by BisonHero

@HatKing said:

Steam Punk Count of Monte Cristo? I'm listening.

When you put it that way, that is the greatest fucking idea in the history of the human race.

Posted by Klaimore

Revenge solves everything I love it.

Posted by SirDancelot

When I played Mirror's Edge it really made me want a first person stealth assassin/ninja type game. This could be it, hope it is awesome.

Posted by Funky_Pasta_Tommy

Good trailer, but always follow the golden rule and wait for gameplay before you get pumped.

Edited by plague102

I believe they had a big article on this in a pc gamer (nov 2011 issue the one with Katarina from League of Legends on the cover) magazine a while back, reminded me more of bioshock infinite with its steam punk and possible first person mechanics. If I remember correctly you get some interesting powers and stuff like the ability to control rats and things.

EDIT- This issue - http://www.pcgamer.com/2011/09/09/pc-gamer-us-november-issue-league-of-legends-dominion-in-depth-guide/

Also a guy on neogaf sums up some of the info from the pc gamer article pretty well - http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=445432

Posted by Siriusface

Reminds me of Thief... I fucking love Thief.

Posted by Tikicobra

Holy crap, I love when he slits that rich guy's throat. No one-liner, no dicking around, he didn't even let the guy finish. That was awesome.