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It actually looks awesome! My Kingdom Hearts fix...

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Couldn't get to the 'good Part' of Final Fantasy XIII but this game seems to be a lot more of my style. City setting and real-time combat? Okay, I'm interested, but I doubt another JRPG can get me as excited as they used to make me. Crisis Core was the last game I enjoyed and that was mostly because of the FF7 fan service :P

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Looks intersting. Would have been nice if they showed more gameplay that wasnt combat (there better be some). I just guess im going to have to get over the fact that they are never gonna bring the nintendo and playstation 1 era of turn based combat back.

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Ummm... is nobody else excited by the AWESOME FUCKING DRAGOON!?! 
@Longestsprout said:

" @LoopyChew said:
" This looks fantastic, but how does it tie to the FFXIII universe? "
The games have the same mythos, that's all. "

In that the games are essentially based in the same universe - but not necessarily on the same worlds or at the same periods of time.
Very definitely excited about this. Is it just me, or is anyone else getting an FFVI vibe off this trailer.
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@RVonE said:
" So where are Donald and Goofy? "
The best!
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@innovacious said:

" Looks intersting. Would have been nice if they showed more gameplay that wasnt combat (there better be some). "

I think you might just be outta luck there, man. If this game is anything like Kingdom Hearts (which it's already shown to be), it's probably all cutscenes and combat and not so much towns and interacting with NPCs. The term "open world" seems to get thrown around a lot as well when discussing this game, and I'm still not convinced we're looking at an FF12-style world here -- let alone a true open world.
Honestly, I think a lot of people -- specifically the ones that didn't get interested in this game until they got burned by FF13 -- will end up disappointed by this as well due to being misinformed and unfamiliar with the team's previous work. Expect a fairly linear hack 'n' slasher with some light RPG elements and epic-as-all-hell boss fights accompanied by equally epic music, and you won't be disappointed.
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When I can give my money?!

Posted by swamplord666

this was me "gameplay... gameplay... come on gameplay! YES GAMEPLAY" It's awesome gameplay too :D didn't expect anything more or less from the KH team :D

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What is this I am feeling?  Genuine interest in a Final Fantasy game?!  Looks pretty cool, but the name is really stupid.

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It looks very similar to Crisis Core on the PSP.. and I'm ok with that, just give me some open worked exploration and I'll give you another go Square.

Posted by charlie_victor_bravo

So it is up to moody boy band members to save the world again? No thanks.

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That opening cinematic was beautiful. Cant wait for the day where gameplay looks that good.

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why is that FF protagonists always  have stupid hair?



" They surely know how to make very BORING CG cutscenes/movies, that's for sure. "

the actual game looks alright tough.
Posted by Aronman789

There was a pretty cool concept of monsters just appearing in the real world out of nowhere, but then it got layed over with FF brand cement, now if you just remove the magic, weird hair, steampunk swords, magic alien army, and weird goddess cult, it would be pretty damn interesting.

Posted by MeatSim

That chauffeur had a hairstyle that seemed rational. 

Posted by Zaapp1

I guess Kingdom Hearts did pretty well for them.

Posted by XcL

Kingdom hearts yeah we have heard of it ....

Posted by zitosilva

Man, I hope this turns out to be good.

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@Turambar said:
" @Aetheldod said:
" @dbz1995 said:
" You know a game is Japanese when a Japanese barely-clad armour lady jumps from the sky, poledancing on a spear. "
that was the only interesting thing I saw on this video , so I will pass , no girls but only "boys" is not my thing , also the world looked bland and monotonous "
I can't account for tastes but the game does show both combat in a metropolis as well as in the wilderness.  I'm not sure "bland and monotonous" are applicable adjectives. "
Well clearly the "city" streets arent all that great looking , see the buildings must of them are just blocks , also the nature parts look very hazy ... could be morning dew but so far looks bland , all this is more aparent around the 5 minute mark 
Posted by George1St

two things. First anyone else agree that if FF14's combat was more like this the game wouldn't have been total garbage? Second I thought I was done with the Final Fantasy franchise, this at least looks like a rental and if the story is compelling unlike FF13 I may come back into the fold and actually buy it.

Posted by remixrunixlp

Soooooo Kingdom Hearts in "our world" only where everyone rocks spiky hair and goth clothing?
Considering how difficult it is to do anything but button mash with the Kingdom Hearts I/II control system, I'm interested but ultimately concerned we're being given a reskinned conceptin desperate need of updating.

Posted by fox01313

Just don't understand the FF franchises anymore, doesn't look bad on a technical level but it seems that they just don't adhere to any kind of consistency for the worlds all their games happen on unless it's just one world with all the different possble world ending events happening every few years or decades. I think the franchise if they took a break & kept making games but just named stuff outside the FF franchise might build up more fans & possible game sequels.

Posted by CornishRocker

The UI looks interesting, and the music definitely has a Kingdom Hearts feel to it.

Posted by Kajaah117

I believe myself to be one of the few straight males over the age of 18 that loved the shit out of the Kingdom Hearts PS2 games, but this doesn't do much for me. The battle animations look very slow and loose in a "I can't interrupt this animation so this dude is going to hit me in the back" kind of way. 
I'll try to remain optimistic, but the Final Fantasy franchise hasn't exactly hit all the right notes this hardware generation.

Posted by SwaBxTHExDeck

I dunno I think I have to see on PC

Posted by OKane3

20 bucks on that mech thing being called a metal chocobo

Posted by Binbay55

Was that Liam Neeson I saw at 6:04?  :)
Posted by Hourai

Looks decent. Unfortunately it probably won't be out for a few years.

Posted by moondogg

I think the stuff outside the car in the driving sequence was real. Or at least looked it. Incredible CG, and slightly interesting looking gameplay.
Posted by SamuSlave

I know I shouldn't be but I'm quietly excited about this game.

Posted by Ulong

This actually looks pretty cool. I know i'm wierd but, I actually really like the clunky action rpgish games, there's a level of depth (whether accidental or delibrate, varies from game to game), that comes from the inability to cancel animations, and all those other clunky things.
Switching between party members in the middle of a hectic action scene seems fun too.
Why call it 13 if it's not set in 13's universe and doesn't use 13's battle system?

Posted by XenturiK

uggh...am i actually looking forward to another final fantasy game?...damn
Posted by thedez

So the same but different?

Posted by TimothyWessel

Kinda the opposite of tactics advanced, whereas in that reality leaked into final fantasy, now the reverse has happened.. Final Fantasy has leaked into Japan.

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

Judging by the luke warm reception of the last FF on the Xbox,
I can see why they kept it for the PS3 this time.

Posted by golguin
@remixrunixlp said:
" Soooooo Kingdom Hearts in "our world" only where everyone rocks spiky hair and goth clothing?  Considering how difficult it is to do anything but button mash with the Kingdom Hearts I/II control system, I'm interested but ultimately concerned we're being given a reskinned conceptin desperate need of updating. "
The control system has been refined through all the KH games. The card system from CoM eventually evolved to the system used in BBS, which feels pretty good with the attack queue list and the different finishers/styles.
Posted by Eric_Buck

Haha I got bored, skipped ahead, and found him fighting a giant dinosaur in the streets. YEAH!

Posted by AddyMac

I was on board until I saw monsters and axe-wielding knights. At that point it became another FF game in my eyes.

Posted by BrittneyIRiotI

This game looks amazing, but I'm not sure if I'm going to want to buy a PS3 just for this. Plus it probably won't come to the U.S until at least 2012.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Something tells me that there will be other fantasies after this one.

Posted by Dragnipur

Ok... let the scepticism stop, am sold on this game!

Posted by Krummey

Just loaded this up in front of my seven-year-old. Within a second of seeing the spiky-haired dude in the car, he said, "Is this a Final Fantasy game?"

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So.... what is more likely to be released first? FF13-2 or FFvs13 which was announced when FF13 was?

Posted by NeverTroll

Seems like they used an approach opposite to the one they used in FF XIII. Instead of having a final fantasy gameplay with a kingdom hearts story they now have a kingdom hearts gameplay with a good final fantasy story and atmosphere.

Kind of exited to see if they can ever finish it and what it's going to play like.

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I'm still confused based on the E3 reveal - is this still just Versus 13, or is it properly FFXV now?

Posted by wait

Is it me or does it seem like Final Fantasy is still up its own ass.