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I don't really have much to say about this game. Uhmm...Sonic Colors is really...colorful? Yeeaaahhh.

Posted by awesomatic

Gin & Sonic Demonic, Hedgehog smelt like vomit...

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Posted by moojuice

Ugh, that music

Posted by SpaceDandie

There better be a black knight and were-hog in this. As well as a human love interest.

Posted by Gav47

Now thats what I call song writing

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Developer 1: Hey, how about we add [insert useless, unneeded, unjustifiable gameplay mechanic here]
Developer 2: Why?
Developer 1: We need to alienate and replace fans of the previous sonic game.
EDIT: also, same conversation, but between two marketing guys concerning the music.

Posted by cikame

... Sonic needs to be able to say, mario? that's for babies, check this out *rock music, explosions, speed*.
This isn't that.

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This song should be Japanese, but isn't.

Posted by BRG9000

Looks pretty okay to me. Curious to see how they'll ruin it.

Posted by Foggen

Are they trying to gay up the franchise?

Posted by shiro11

So I'm assuming I wasn't the only one who hit the mute button watching this

Posted by JackSukeru

This looks just as good as all the other recent Sonic games.

Posted by LukeA256

Yah, not a lot to say about that.

Posted by Video_Game_King

To all the people who haven't watched this video yet: shove tampons in your ears. Not only will it prevent you from hearing that awful song, but should you hear a bit of it, they'll prevent ear blood from dripping all over the place.

Posted by fedorajay

Sonic &SEGA All Stars Racing was awesome, but this makes me think SEGA is dropping their standards once again.

Posted by SithToast

it seems to look pretty good graphically.

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I thought Sonic was already "dead" before I watched this, but now I think it's dead AND buried...! Way to perform a fatality on a gaming icon :P
PS: that song gave me a headache

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Looks.....nice. I really hope that music is included, I think I can still hear out of my right ear after I've wiped the blood away.

Posted by zityz
@shiro11 said:
"So I'm assuming I wasn't the only one who hit the mute button watching this "

oh god not at all. I heard the first 10 seconds of the music and went Oo WTF? mute.
Posted by hwarang

Did you have to use this music? Really?

Posted by m2cks

Now Sonic's soundtrack will be completely done by Owl City? GENIUS! We're looking at mulitple sales digits here, people! Multiple!

Posted by Eribuster

The song isn't that deadly. It's a nice change to see this title go back to more electronic-ish music. It would be preferable if they ditched the vocals and go all out on the synthesizers.

Posted by bibamatt

Wonder if they'll spell it Colours when it comes to the UK (you'd think so).

Posted by DJMattB241

We've gotta reach for the colors tonight.
That's what I learned from watching this trailer.

Posted by TimesHero

Reminds me of the first level of Sonic: Unleashed.  You know, the part of the game that should have been the entire game? If it's like that, and no bullshit were-hog-like crap, then I think this game will actually be okay. 
Don't hate me because I'm an optimist. 

Posted by Innovacious
@KillyDarko: Of course. Hes spinning in his grave, didnt you watch the video?
Posted by DukeTogo

No Ice T?

Posted by Dr_VonBoogie

Is it just me or does that song makes anybody else want to strangle a kitten?

Posted by Nytrik

I'm going to reach for the stars, although they look pretty far. 

Also, this looks alright. 

Posted by KillyDarko
@Video_Game_King: if only I'd read your comment before I hit the play button...! It would've saved me the 20 seconds it took me to get out of shock and press mute ;) Didn't avoid a headache, though, lol
Posted by TimesHero
@bibamatt said:
" Wonder if they'll spell it Colours when it comes to the UK (you'd think so). "
We spell "Colour" like that in Canada too.  When we got the GBC they still spelled it "Color".  Luckily for you, yours probably won't also come with a useless french manual also.
Posted by Tordah

The game looks alright, but my god was that music terrible. Autotune needs to become illegal already.

Posted by FunExplosions
@Foggen said:
" Are they trying to gay up the franchise? "
Not in my town!
Posted by MormonWarrior

Finally, a Sonic game in color.
This looks...terrible.

Posted by Yelix

Music was terrible in a really awesome way. Also, the game looks fun I suppose. The color aliens are probably the least offensive 3D Sonic gimmick. They're essentially power ups.

Posted by Mechanized

Worst music ever.

Posted by fox01313

Once I'm working in the game industry I'll do whatever I can to make this series just plain die as it seems they're really not only beating a dead horse with a stick but someone has taken the stick, carved a ton of dead horses on it & then kept beating the dead horse.

Posted by Aeterna

Bad music.. game looks like it could actually be fun.

Posted by Landon

I don't know it could be al...no...NO...No it's gonna suck because its a Sonic game! 
*Covers ears and runs out of room*

Posted by wrathofconn

From the other comments, looks like I should be glad I had Pandora going and muted this video from the start.
I would rate my interest in this game as 'cautiously optimistic'. Sonic Team has crushed much higher expectations than that, though.

Posted by Ryax

i thought it was decided that these kinda sonic games were garbage.

Posted by BeanoFritz
@Nytrik:  Laziest Song writing ever!!@Nytrik said:

I'm going to reach for the stars, although they look pretty far. 

Also, this looks alright. 

Laziest song writing EVER!!
Posted by memo

Most likely it will but I'll say it anyways "Please don't SUCK"

Posted by kamoku
@memo said:
" Most likely it will but I'll say it anyways "Please don't SUCK" "
and..  queue Ryan's f#ck you
Posted by TyrellOCP

could that song be any more generic?

Posted by RE_Player1

Song sucks, game could be good if Sonic never stops running. The problem with Sonic's console games like Sonic Adventure is that there would be breaks in the running... I want Sonic to be running at blazing speeds 99.9% of the time. 

Posted by Godlovesugly

Kill it already.

Posted by shanchett99

i want shadow the hedgehog(the game) style  game with just sonic.
i want to be sonic running 10000mph with explosions everywhere and blood, lots of it