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Posted by GamingSince81

Looks good

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I hope they just play that song over every Transformers trailer from now on. I never cared about Transformers, but I care about that song.
Also, so damn close...

Posted by The_Laughing_Man

AHAHAHAHA!. The dlc codes that sold for about 100 on ebay..are gonna be DLC

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i really hope this is free... theres hardly any1 playing the game online as it is
edit: apparently its $9.99... hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Posted by frsty13

Unless it's really cheep, there's no reason to buy this.  New maps are good, but only making 2 new models and giving us all the pre-order ones is really lame.

Posted by finmon

yeah, bit of a snub to the pre-order people

Posted by Burns098356GX

Seems a pretty steep price for a C-level game.

Posted by buhssuht

let's see...july 27th, hmmm....HMMM?!?!? 
why it's the day SC2 comes out, forget this then 
seriously Activision what were you thinking?

Posted by MindChamber

watch the download be nothing more than a 100k unlock switch hehe. 
ten dollars for content already on the disc is kinda mean. 
But as proof of the ebay code auctions, Transformer fans  have never been frugal. 

Posted by freakin

I love this game,  though only having 2 escalation maps come with the game ensures this dlc will be bought in droves.  

Posted by troncoparati

The people that paid 50 bucks for a jazz preorder code on eBay are feeling like a-holes right about now...LOL!

Posted by Lydian_Sel

The the hell is with that music!? Was Stan Bush not available to write quality, Transformers themed, music or did they burn too many bridges with that guy?
Man what a dark day.

Posted by SplitSecond

Yeah not a fan of that music

Posted by JoeyIA
Posted by MrWumpus
@JoeyIA said:
" @Lydian_Sel: That is Stan Bush. 
http://www.stanbush.com/ "
HAH! Owned.
That is goddamned hilarious. And I LIKE that song. Fuck yeah.
Posted by Frostler

Thank god! I love this games multiplayer, hopefully these maps don't suck!

Posted by Olivaw

Stan Bush never realized that the eighties ended.
And that's great.

Posted by BigDre

I like the song but I like the version more from the animated movie.  Same singer though. 
I kinda wish they'd release some more story stuff for PC but they won't even release this multiplayer stuff for it.
Posted by Shaanyboi

I'm considering getting it...  I don't give a shit about a lot of multiplayer games, but this one's been keeping my attention

Posted by dbz1995

TRANSFORMERS! That song is awesome. When the game gets offline multiplayer, colour me interested.

Posted by Lydian_Sel
@JoeyIA:  Hahaha! Wow, in one swoop you've shut me up & destroyed my ideals of Stan Bush. If I ever repeat this colossal mistake with Vincet DiCola please, I beg of you, let me revel in my own ignorance.
Posted by MindChamber
@Lydian_Sel:  Ummm, that was Stan Bush. 
I guess somethings don't get better with age
Posted by IClavdivs

I liked that song, dammit.

Posted by MeatSim

song wasn't bad

Posted by Lydian_Sel
@MindChamber: Haha yeah, as I have recently become aware of.
Posted by clumsyninja1

Where's the touch and Dare?