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Awesome. If it looks this good in pre-alpha, Im looking forward to the finished product =)

Posted by Rabbykayn

2nd.. quest will come one of these days.

Posted by Alex

FYI, if you see some aliasing and other weird junk in the video, that's not the video player. That was in the source file Ubi sent out.

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I love the three assassinations in a row at the end of this trailer. Looks so god damn fluid!

Also this

Posted by DaemonBlack

I continue to be impressed by Assassins Creed.

Posted by AssInAss

Meh, would've liked to see some actual gameplay with HUD and everything.

Posted by Marz

yeah.... day 1 buy for me.

Posted by Abendlaender

So this + date for Dishonored + date for Hitman.

Is today the "international day of the assassin" or something like that?

Posted by EmuLeader

cool trailer. He talks about his ethnic reasons for fighting but has yet to mention his assassins' reason. I want to know how they are going to tie it in beyond something like "the British are lead by templars. Kill them all."

Posted by Shookems

This has me interested in assassins creed again.

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the framerate seems unstable 60-30. Either that's a video thing they did or not. Whatever going to play it on my PC so I'll probably get 60 anyway if they don't lock it... the fuck am I talking about this seems awesome! :3

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@SpartanAmbrose said:

I love the three assassinations in a row at the end of this trailer. Looks so god damn fluid!

Also this

This is going to be the best AC yet I think. The new engine makes everything fluid and diverse. I also can't wait to continue the story Desmond/Connor. I agree that looked INSANE!

Posted by Extreme_Popcorn

For someone who hasn't taken sides he seems to kill an awful lot of British soldiers.

Posted by SoothsayerGB

Don't need to tease a sure thing, but I appreciate the effort. : D_

Posted by Ghost_of_Perdition

Bears. Goddamn bears...

Posted by Cloudenvy

Jesus, that was so effing awesome. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay one!

Posted by Zeninnnnnnnn

Pardon my ignorance, but will Assassins Creed 3 run at 60 frames per second? Because it looks like it is.

Posted by Sackmanjones

Well fuck… Now I have to buy two copies

Posted by Divina_Rex

What are Mayan Ruins doing so far up north?

Posted by MormonWarrior

"It's a thing!" - GiantBomb

Posted by Yummylee

As I've said plenty O' time during Binary Domain: Lookin' Pretty Sweet.

Posted by ErEl

Fuck yeahh kill those traitorous Americans with a tomahawk! Can't wait for this game!

Posted by Pop

ok fine, they got me, I'm actually really excited about this game now.

Posted by sawtooth

Looks pretty good.

Someone needs to teach those redcoats how to fire their rifles.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Okay, you got me. I bitched about some of the early stuff but this looks great. 

Posted by brophdog

Dirty Redcoats

Posted by JeanLuc

sooooo good looking!

Posted by BBAlpert

I'm excited about the Native American stuff now, but I initially had some reservations.

I am so sorry for that.

Posted by Jimbo

I don't think all of those redcoats should be firing right behind those other redcoats like that. No wonder we lost the war.

Posted by AngelN7

Another bear muder simulator huh? nah that Bear didn't look as tough as the ones in Red Dead Redemption

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What's with those stupid quotes, have they even played the game? That's just stuff which people said after the trailer, you can pull quotes like that for almost any video game out of your ass.

I didn't like that they continued the story with Brotherhood(I liked it), but I didn't bother to buy Revelations and I won't buy 3 until I bought Rev, so yeah, tons of other promising games coming out and my goddamn backlog wants to get smaller.

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I'm wowed.

Posted by Zombie_Shakespeare

So the real message of Assassin's Creed 3 is that bears are the true enemy of liberty.

Day one purchase.

Posted by Ghostin

I think I'm one of the few who is completely burnt out on this series.

Posted by Andheez

@Ghostin said:

I think I'm one of the few who is completely burnt out on this series.

Kinda the same here. I always have loved them, but I haven't bought the latest one, it just seems like a bit of a chore to be honest.

Posted by Soap

I loved every part of that, well except the exclusive content available at gamestop, that shit can go die.

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That ran a little too smooth, which means that it was all recorded from a PC running some high-end shit. I doubt this game is running that damn smooth on a console. I mean, would they actually kick this game up to 60fps rather than 30fps on consoles? I just...I mean, 30fps gave everything this very specific weight.

Nonetheless, I'm stoked.

Posted by Zabant

Hey! 10 Frames! my old friend, its been awhile

Posted by Galiant

First off: Pre-order stuff needs to disappear.

Second: What are those quotes towards the end impressions of? Did they get early copies of the game already or what is that all about? Reactions to the trailer? Have they tried a preview build or something?

Third: This looks nice. They've chosen an interesting setting.

Posted by Rabid619

Damn, the chaining together of assassinations looks like a great step forward. I still haven't beaten Revelations yet, but this trailer made me want to go back to it so I think I'll do so tonight.

Posted by emilknievel

@MormonWarrior said:

"It's a thing!" - GiantBomb

Made my day.

Posted by TheRamboFetus

@Galiant: The quotes are from press demos I'm guessing.

Posted by Shaanyboi

@SpartanAmbrose said:

I love the three assassinations in a row at the end of this trailer. Looks so god damn fluid!

Also this

This part got me so fucking stoked. I mean it obviously won't be available for EVERY building or whatever, just from a conceit of asset generation, but still, it could make traversal even more quick and fluid.

Posted by Dragonraider

Looks good, but I still haven't played Revelations yet. Guess I kind of had enough Assassins Creed in the last couple of years.

Posted by heatDrive88

I'm not saying this game won't magically end up being 60 frames per second in the end with the gameplay, but all I'm saying is that trailers that have been modified exclusively to look like they are running at 60 frames per second when the gameplay won't be running at that framerate is pretty stupid.


Posted by leejunfan83

@BBAlpert: You should be scalped

Posted by Slaker117
@Zombie_Shakespeare said:

So the real message of Assassin's Creed 3 is that bears are the true enemy of liberty.

Stephen Colbert approves.
Posted by BrandonPckrfn

So fucking awesome!

Posted by leejunfan83

Maybe a slave rebellion game will be next where you play as Nat Turner. Too soon?