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And also, looks like it's time for me to build a new rig...

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EDIT:Make that third...oh, and the video looks pretty kickass.

Posted by MisterDunlap

This looks great. 

Posted by Dudacles

Closest I've ever been to even seeing the beginning.

Posted by Rox360

So pumped. I'm gonna need a new computer...

Posted by Swick

Oooooh. Kinda awesome.

Posted by CrazedMaverick

well. I'm psyched now.

Posted by Hampe

DICE is amazing.

Posted by Gap

This is new... lol jk, nice copy pasting as always Brad.

Posted by JA050N

brb changing pants

Posted by Vinny_Says

wouldn't it be funny if this sucked completely?

Posted by Napalm

That's some nice re-appropriation of the Terminator song. And by nice, I mean, not really. Also, there's no way that's gameplay footage.

Posted by Great__defunct__Northern

T2 theme please.

Posted by drumpsycho89

nice!!! totally stoked for this!!
Posted by Agent47

Oh DICE....you cock tease! Still I guess they did water my appetite.

Posted by Kelswitch


Posted by NoRemnants
@Napalm:  It actually is gameplay footage and that is the same Battlefield theme song they have always had, just heavily distorted. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pE6MJweDscQ 
Posted by MattBodega

Man! I hope this is a real video game!

Posted by Zaccheus

I didn't care about this game before but somehow those 10 seconds of gameplay changed my mind. That's just weird.

Posted by garyoldman


Posted by lordofultima

Just fuckin' got chills man. Holy crap.

Posted by Cypher

It's 100% real-time gameplay.
Posted by elwillow

Great! and pre-order already? 
I feel a lot of what they learned in Mirror's Edge is going in that game (leg and arm view). 
Now, finish this, I want my Mirror's Edge 2.

Posted by Cold_Wolven

Please let this be real time non scripted gameplay, running animations looked fluid and the lighting was very impressive. 

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DICE has shown nothing yet. Not a single shot fired. No destruction showcased. No vehicular action. It's only tiny snippets of things about to happen.
Despite nothing really happening (in terms of Battlefield 'Oh Shitness!'), I come away impressed. DICE is hitting their lighting-game out of the park with their proprietary Frostbite 2 engine. Setting the new industry standard!
Can't wait to see footage of real Battlefield shit going down. With tanks and choppers and explosions and buildings crumbling and collapsing. Big ass 64 players multiplayer montages!
GDC and the first of March can't come soon enough!

Posted by Tesla

Best shooter on the market.

Posted by Eribuster

Frostbite 2 is looking great. I wonder what griefing opportunities there will be with dragging fallen comrades. If it's important to drag them, I'm guessing that the revive action takes significantly more time to preform.

Posted by Seraphim84

Wow. I'd be impressed by screenshots of that, but if the whole game can look the way this video looks in motion, I'm more than happy to jump on board the FPS wagon again.

Posted by NarcolepticBat

I came

Posted by Ataxia

Call of what?

Posted by Fudge91

Man this looks just like medal of honor.. only with more blur..

Posted by dvorak

A lot of this has to come from a singleplayer campaign. Until they show what the game actually looks like with dudes shooting at other dudes, then there's really no judgement to make.

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Battlefield 3....you officially have my preorder. I just need to decide on which console to preorder it on.

Posted by fwylo

Holy shit that looks incredible.

Posted by wolf_blitzer85

Now show me a jet.
That was some sexy post-processing there yessir.

Posted by zaglis

Battlefield 2 is better

Posted by Metal_Mills
@Fudge91 said:
" Man this looks just like medal of honor.. only with more blur.. "
Posted by NoRemnants

This is all singleplayer. They haven't shown any multiplayer yet judging by the GameInformer article.

Posted by PixelStyles
@MattBodega said:
" Man! I hope this is a real video game! "
Seconded. That was such a tease but so good.
Posted by Mr_Skeleton

@blacklabeldomm said:

"wouldn't it be funny if this sucked completely? "


But wouldn't it be awesome if it didn't?
Posted by ruffedgz

Even this small clip of the game looks very impressive. I'm sold on getting this game ;)

Posted by Woodwater


Posted by NickLott

Well, I guess I have a target deadline for my Fermi/SandyBridge build. 

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Posted by Tactless

It almost looks like there will be a single player campaign

Posted by CrimsonJesus

Oh man, first amazing BF game since BF2? I'm hella pumped.

Posted by 2HeadedNinja
@Tactless said:
" It almost looks like there will be a single player campaign "
There will be one.
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Does it look good? I don't know. I can't tell. There was all this interference.

Posted by oysteinBrenne
@solh0und: dice always put alot of work into each console version (atleast witch bc) so the pc version is the best one 64 players while the 360 and ps3 has around 24 i think 
ps3 will probly have a little less anti alasing but what it really comes down to is where your freinds play and what controller you like best