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Posted by Vrikk

"Daniel did not make the move over."

That means that he was fired :( Poor Daniel.

Also, is it true that you can't sell games that a publisher gives you? I know for sure that this has happened before, and there was even a thread on Kotaku about six months ago where some eBayers found out that a game reviewer was doing it after he was done with the game, and when the eBay account was messaged about it, the owner changed the handle and the name associated with it.

Posted by OneDollarWilliam

Wait. You're not Molly Wood!? Worst episode of Buzz Out Loud, EVER!

Edited by dvorak

Look at that potted plant. So god damn well lit.

For the record though, no ads is definitely not a motivator to subscribe to a site. But everyone knows that. A lot of people at this point have no ads on any site.

Posted by HHAP

Most likely it's just me, but it gets bothersome having to hear the same exact questions. Maybe it's because I just re-watched one of the jar time videos of Jeff explaining the future of Mortal Kombat yesterday. I don't know.

Posted by Parsnip

I don't think I like the individual camera views.

Posted by YoungBuck

This is awesome.

Posted by Blearious

That is one sweet podcast room

Posted by tyger_cheex

Video pod-casts are great but I work at a computer all day so the prospect of sitting here for another 2 hours to watch this is not very appealing.

What I'd like to see is a "download audio" option so I can drop it on my MP3 player and listen on my half hour commute to work!

Posted by tdous

Loved this, and the camera switching. I'd watch this for a podcast every week but, like others have said, don't do video-specific stuff and keep the audio version available for when it's just not possible to sit and watch.

Posted by fetchfox

@tyger_cheex: A button under the video is a good idea, but they put up the audio version on friday, so you've got that anyway.

Posted by GirlsGeneration

Awesome show guys. I prefer the video podcast over the regular audio one anyday they're much more entertaining please do more video podcast!

Posted by EightBitShik

A brand new computer, brand new 23 inch number and a brand new set.... what a good day for me.

Posted by eccentrix

My stream died three minutes before the end. Damn it.

Posted by TheHakku

Holy crap. I really need to get tickets to PAX East next year!

Posted by Xbox420

I need to see Jeff's Bathrooms. Jeff, let me see your bathrooms.

Posted by screwed

is there a way to download this in audio format?

Posted by Wonloong

Jeff seems more happier now. He's laughing way more in recorded stuffs.

When Jeff's happy, I'm happy!

Posted by Radar

@screwed said:

is there a way to download this in audio format?

go to the podcast page

Posted by malnourish

@golguin said:

I would like to see the process of building up a website. I really enjoyed the photoshop and after effects stuff for the GOTY video. I'm ready for some dreamweaver action.

Wait, people use Dreamweaver?

Posted by darkdragonmage99

honestly I just want  more of what's already been being done . 
More real developer talk  one of the best bits of the E3 podcasts 

Posted by Apparatus_Unearth

4:25 faceful of Vinny.