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Posted by MichaelEM3

Giant Bomb New York represent!

Posted by HonkeyKong

Spider-Man in Times Square featured in How to Build a BEAST - Ep 01 was arrested for groping buts and boobs of the ladies...

Posted by Outrager


Posted by Steamboat
Posted by friendlypossum

These two are gunna kill it

Posted by ToniMcKernt

this is so great! more more more!

Posted by D_W

Gah... Alex! Don't test a mic by tapping on it! You could damage the microphone that way.

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Old man on floor playing video games. The show.

Posted by UnintendedBM


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This made my day. Keep 'em comin', Giant BombEAST!

Posted by 49th

Is that beardless guy the new hire? wait is that Tony Hawk?!

Posted by CustomOtto

Clean-shaven Alex looks like Dave.

Posted by Superkenon

This is the real Project BEAST as far as I'm concerned.

Posted by Sessh

Oh, GB East, your are gonna be great.

Posted by FoxMulder

Can't wait to see what beautiful monster they create!

Posted by conmulligan

It's kind of amazing that you guys are already putting out video content. Kudos!

Posted by Fawkes


Posted by SethPhotopoulos

Spider-Man in Times Square featured in How to Build a BEAST - Ep 01 was arrested for groping buts and boobs of the ladies...

There's about a hundred guys that do that in Time Square but I hope you're right.

Posted by carg0

Vinny: "OK, if i do this..."

*screen goes dark*

lol... Vinny is da man... welcome home! = )

Posted by MooseyMcMan

SOOOOOOOOO happy this got archived!

Posted by RobotHamster

New York (and New Jersey) represent!! Maybe one day I'll see a wild Vinny in the wild.

Posted by Veektarius

This is like they are broadcasting from space, even though they're within an hour of me now.

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This can only go well.

Posted by bonbolapti

I always feel compelled to shout "Beast mode!", whenever I see New York content.

Posted by Cerberus3Dog

When Vinny is playing the game music at 6 minutes in, it makes what the guys are doing sound way more epic.

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I didn'teven know this live show happened.

Posted by HubrisRanger

I really love the mood of Giant Beast. A bit scrappy, anarchic and upstart. You know, like Giant Bomb as the first. Very excited to see what is becomes, and crossing my fingers for a VA Endurance Run...

Oh no, I said it out loud didn't I?!?

Posted by impartialgecko


Posted by langdonx

From the preview image, I was super impressed at Vinny's ability to grow a quick mohawk.

Posted by Vuud

Famous Original Vinny's is open for business.

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Shame Alex couldn't make it, but I can't believe Vinny got Tony Hawk in!

... In all seriousness, this was great. I'm only getting more excited about Giant Beast.

(@49th said it and I couldn't get it out of my head. The resemblance is something rather striking in fact, though Alex looks more spritely than his skateboarding twin.)

Posted by Brother_PipPop

@honkeykong: There are lots of spider-men in timesquare, how are you certain he's the one?

Posted by DrPeatore


Posted by ripelivejam

@d_w said:

Gah... Alex! Don't test a mic by tapping on it! You could damage the microphone that way.

professional operation, son

Posted by MosaicM80

Wow, didn't expect new content so soon from Giant Beast! Not that I'm complaining. Just a few minutes in and I'm digging it! I like the jury rigged feel of it, feels very.. rogue. Like anything could happen! I likes it!

Posted by HerbieBug

me at first noticing this video: Oh goody! I hope this is a longer one than the last. 1 hour 51 minutes.

Oh man. O,O

Posted by huser

Anything less than a mind altering experience is a complete failure in the great history of Giant Bomb. So no pressure.

Posted by Brackynews


Posted by freakin9

I'm not sure "Giant Beast" is doing anything for me. Other than making me do a weird face.

But uhhh... I expect great things from the... beast of the country....

Posted by Toxin066

The thumbnail for this makes him look like Vinncutus of Borg.

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Posted by ripelivejam
Posted by MichiganJack
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Oh god, the BEAST lives!!

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USS Giant BEAST, adrift in deep space, attempts to re-establish video game contact with Earth aboard their derelict, softly humming studio ship.


Posted by PappaFost

Small Business Man dominating the New York small business scene since 2014!

Posted by arcn

That picture makes me wanna buy Vinny that outfit Gary Oldman was wearing in Fifth Element and see if he can pull off that look.

Posted by mlarrabee

I dig the comedy-special-being-filmed-in-a-nightclub lighting you guys currently have.

Posted by rcath

thanks guys, looking good.

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