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Posted by Brad


Posted by Oscar__Explosion

x2 woo

Posted by Moody_yeti

I remember psychonauts load times,man they sucked.

Posted by ckeats

Bought it boxed on PC a few years ago, could never get it to run, bought it again on steam a few weeks ago, couldn't get it to run past the tutorial on my mac without crashing.

I'm destined to never play this game. (although the issues on mac os lion are supposedly patched, so i'll attempt again later.)

Posted by Gearhead

My body is ready.

Posted by JamesJeux007

I own 3 copies of this game (PC, PS2, X-Box) :'D The PC version on Steam is cheap, looks awesome and is playable with either the 360 controller or the keyboard (which works surprisingly well).

What are you waiting for ? Go buy it now !

Posted by Sackmanjones

wow brad steal the quest from some innocent soul. Shame on you....

Posted by Koolaids_Back

Woo Psychonauts!

Posted by CornBREDX

Such a great game. I wish they'd make a sequel already. I already own it on everything! How much more can I say I loved this game? haha

Posted by HarlequinRiot

I should really finish this game. It makes an awesome first impression, but I got over the style and gameplay (especially) pretty quick. It's a shame, because the dialogue and jokes are really well done, but after a while, I just got tired of it.

Posted by peterious

I have a feeling Psychonauts is getting a sequel from all the new attention it's been Double Fine's been giving it.

Posted by Vodun

@Brad said:


Hah! Nice cock block =D

Posted by Gerhabio

Never saw the appeal. It just wasn't funny for me andvthe platforming wasn't a revelation either.

Posted by Brackynews

@Gearhead said:

My body is ready.

But your mind may never recover. ==CENSORED==

Posted by turilas

Started replaying this after the update. It's shocking how well this game has aged.

Posted by NarficAcid

Just S Ranked the steam version a last week. Genuinely one of my favorite games of all time.

Posted by BenderUnit22
Posted by indieslaw

And removed from XBLM.

Posted by PerfidiousSinn

I feel like I buy this game every year. I don't regret any of the purchases.

Posted by Seedofpower

Wow, I just got done playing through this game.

Posted by LordKorax

Hey, remember when this wasn't old news?

Posted by CosmicQueso

I know that no game is universally liked by everyone... but man if any game deserves to be appreciated in some way by anyone who enjoys games, Psychonauts is it.

Posted by obscurefan

This game was so much fun and so creative. Anyone who missed it the first time needs to get it this time around.

Edited by RobertOrri

Why yes, I do!

Posted by NoelVeiga

Sure, not the most refined gameplay, not the best controls, imaginative but sometimes rough around the edges level design...

...but that Erik Wolpaw/Tim Schafer script collaboration? That's some of the best writing in gaming, ever, regardless of how either of them felt about it after the fact.

Posted by Jaqen_HGhar

One of the best games ever made. Simple as that.

Posted by JackSukeru

I played through this game twice so that's something, it's pretty funny.

Posted by Bunnyman

Had an great time playing this a few years ago. Writing and attention to detail is amazing.

Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror

I wondered why my steam copy had a 2gb update recently, this is why!

Posted by Castiel

I was actually just wondering about replaying this gem. I might buy this.

Posted by AlmostSwedish

Man Iove this game but it sure is kind of ugly.

Posted by MisterMouse

I need to play this

Posted by Peewi

I replayed Psychonauts right after the update went out. Got 100% for the first time.

Posted by OldGuy

Somebody needs to post this... so I will:   

And... I may just play this again... starting tonight... yes BEFORE I play Arkham City. :-)
Posted by chilibean_3

I tried to play this game for the first time last year. I don't think it's aged gracefully.

Edited by MattClassic

@AlmostSwedish - I actually think it still looks pretty decent. The textures are low res as shit, but that's not important when the art direction is this good and unique. It really nails that cute but grotesque look that's so hard to pull off. And that level design, my god. I really like this game in case you couldn't tell :3

Edited by Origina1Penguin

Great game, but that wasn't a very good trailer. The Inception mash-up is better: 
EDIT: Didn't even realize someone posted it already.

Posted by Wiseblood

Uh, isn't this an old XBox trailer?  You can see black and white buttons.

Posted by Arrested_Developer
@videorob said:

And removed from XBLM.

I'm betting that is because either:
a) The publisher has changed over to Double Fine
b) because they want to patch the new fixes into the game (meat circus fixed)
Posted by LassieME

This game needs some serious polygon upgrade.

Posted by tgammet

I bought this re-vamp day 1. Totally worth it. Works great using a pad now! :-D

Posted by RichieJohn

@peteisfat: They said no to that on their podcast. They said it would be to expensive to make for the setup they've got there now.

We can hope though! It's the best game.

Posted by Evilsbane

Great game, everyone should play this on any platform they can get their hands on.

Posted by Mercanis

@AlmostSwedish said:

Man Iove this game but it sure is kind of ugly.

Don't let that old trailer fool you. The PC version on max settings might as well be an HD remake, and it has good gamepad support.

Posted by HarrySound

hopefully its coming to LIVE

Posted by Abendlaender

Milkman conspiracy is still one of the greates levels ever created

Posted by project343

One of my favourites.

Posted by Cirdain

Just show me footage of that glorious main menu screen. That was beautiful.

Posted by xbob42

Heard about this the day it happened, but just got it today! Only commented cause I saw this video today and thought "All has gone according to the Almighty Schafer's plan."

Posted by MormonWarrior

I played this game a year ago with the Xbox Originals download. I think it was on sale. Maybe not.

Anyway, I didn't like it at all. I thought it was clever and funny but incredibly tedious and just a bad platformer. No thanks. I guess that describes basically every DoubleFine thing. Quirky, charming, but no fun.

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