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The Yellow Turban Rebellion takes place after Wind Waker.

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This is the game where Link actually talks. Book it.

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This trailer dashed all my hopes for Crossbow Training 2 :(

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Looks pretty interesting.

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Dude, what?

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Killer app for the Wii U right here!

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I feel like I need a shower after watching this.

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I'm excited

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haha. oh wow. That title card.

Also don't know why Dynasty Warriors hasn't just become a MOBA yet. It has all the parts.

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This could actually be pretty neat. Dynasty Warriors looks like it COULD be fun, but it suffers from low production values and an entire world/characters I can't give a fuck about. This will change both of those things.

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No Ganon, no canon.

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This is the only Zelda game that is canon.

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(name not final)

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This looks pretty alright.

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@granderojo: I rather have this than another crossbow trainer

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Im on board

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I just can't get over how bad that ground texture looks.

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Checking calendar. Nope, not April 1st.

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This actually looks like it would be fun. But there is a distinct lack of Link grunts and hyahs.

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Think there will be either a playable Zelda and/or Seven Sages to choose from as well as Link?

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These two ideas don't go together at all.

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This doesn't look real.

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That title card...whew. Looks cool, though. Much like games like Blood Dragon & Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, I'm really appreciating these one-offs companies are doing with established titles. Adds a little flavor to what otherwise becomes a tried-and-true machination.

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This looks horrendous.

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There's a simple rule: no Ganon, no canon. So we'll see.

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I like DW, I love Zelda. Im definitely willing to give this a go.

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If I liked Dynasty Warriors I would be very excited for a DW game in the Zelda universe. But I don't like repetitive/boring gameplay, so I can't be excited.

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Gotta buy a Wii U now.

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Is this...This isn't real, right? Because if this isn't real and I ask you have to tell me.

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That looks like some dumb fun. Hopefully with loot progression and such.

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Wait. So, Dynasty Warriors-esque games don't need to look like complete garbage?

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Cranky Kong was the VGX reveal, when Nintendo had a WHAM! moment like this ready to go?!

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Wow... Why does this game exist and who asked for it to? Also, that frame rate is awful...

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@blorbagush: if you've got ganon canon, consult a physician.

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That title card looks like something Atlus would name one of its game.

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man i always want the zelda franchise to take more risks but i don't know if this really counts...slapping link into a dynasty warriors game doesnt really get me excited.

also some of those textures look kinda fucked.

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So RIP Wii U. What the hell is this? Who asked for this? This screams of desperation, "we need to get something with Zelda in it out on this hardware".

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They clearly just do not want to make a regular Zelda game with an adult Link, do they?

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What the...?

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Not sure about that kind of Moblins being there, but if this is set during the Ocarina of Time period it can actually be canon and put into the timeline. If your are crazy enough to enjoy that thing, which I am.
The skeleton teaching you advanced fighting moves in Twilight Princess is after all the spirit of Link from Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask. So if he went on doing this stuff before dying? Makes perfect sense.

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Needs Tingle.

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Finally the Wii U got it's system seller. Yeah...

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well excuuuusseee me princess!

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WTF Is this some kind of joke.

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Don't understand how people are hating on this. Looks rad and a nice hold over while the next real Zelda is being made. I'm all about this and it was a pleasant surprise.

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I'm into this. Looks cool. Never played a dynasty warriors game before, but that style of game in a universe I'm interested in could be a cool thing.