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Posted by VibratingDonkey

What weirdness today has been. Good on you Nintendo, maybe?

Posted by PurplePartyRobot

Makes sense. Both Sonic and Yoshi's Island are both things that are only relevant to a small group of people, so it works out... I guess.

Posted by fisk0

Oh man, Sonic really shouldn't talk.

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Is it april first allready ?

Posted by RJPelonia

...Well I think this is pretty cool.

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No, Sonic, it is not alright.

Posted by Shtinky

Nintendo, please buy Sega already.

Posted by MilesElrich

I don't know why everyone is angry. This is one more step to having a Sonic game being made by Nintendo there by having him in an actual good game. Like Mario X Sonic or something. It's been so long since Sonic, a character I used to like, was in a game that I liked, besides Smash Bros.

Posted by kablui

Man. Jeff. Not your day, huh?

To be honest, while I don't especially care for neither sonic nor yoshi I do still have to admit that this is something that should not have been put upon any feeling individual, anywhere.

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@blazehedgehog: Hey, nice vid. I'll be glad to see the day when Sonic either returns to his glory or we all just decide to leave Sonic in the past as a classic few games that defined at least half a generation of consoles.

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Posted by JackiJinx

Sonic has gotten waaaaaay too arrogant over the years. Why can't he just be a quiet, world-saving hedgehog?

Posted by super2j

Dear god, what is the world coming too!?! also totally Jeff's soon to be favourite game eva (or dlc).

Posted by CrimsonAvenger

I don't quite understand, does Sonic exist in Mario's universe? If so that's actually pretty cool.

Posted by divergence

just say no

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Pack this shit up! Game over guys!

Posted by adamm0

Jeff is probably hiding under his pinball machine now. "I'm not gonna come out! Not as long as THAT exists!"

Posted by Dark_Lord_Spam

Blue warp pipes? Welcome to Obama's America, folks.

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Blue warp pipes? Welcome to Obama's America, folks.

Next thing you know they'll let those warp pipes connect to other warp pipes. Protect the sanctity of warping.

Posted by MeatSim

Better find this somebody who keeps spilling stuff and kick them out.

Posted by Spitznock


Posted by mrfrox250

2014 The Year of Yoshi.

2014 The Year of SONIC ! :D

Posted by Spoonman671

I'm not sure I understand.

Posted by Zace


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I'm gonna miss the Year of Luigi.

Posted by steelknight2000

That's just unnatural....

Posted by ALavaPenguin

I will support Yoshi, in his super mario world incarnation. Yoshi was awesome in that.

Everything yoshi after SMW yoshi just was yuck.....

Posted by UltimAXE

@video_game_king: It's actually the dude who's been voicing Chris Redfield lately, Roger Craig Smith.

I know that it's, like, the cool thing to hate Sonic or whatever, but I'm loving all of the Sonic/Nintendo cross over stuff.

Posted by NMC2008

I guess I remembered wrong because I thought Ryan loathed Yoshi.

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What in hell is happening?

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Is jumping Sonic usually just a solid blue ball? Shouldn't there be some spin motion graphics, or something?

Posted by psylah

Posted by Kevin_Cogneto

Man, the me from 1994 is going to be SO excited.

Posted by Lyfeforce

What is even happening right now?

Posted by Delsaber

...why do they insist on making Sonic's legs move like that?

Posted by Dethfish

what the fuck

Posted by MosaicM80

Posted by GTCknight

@adamm0: I wonder if Jeff will let me join him, or at the very least hide in the same room.

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@psylah said:

Bless you. I feel like I learned about the human condition listening to this exchange, like how the most vehement Sonic haters speak like Rush Limbaugh.

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Posted by HerbieBug

I don't want to live in a world where Nintendo and Sega franchises coexist. -____-


Posted by Truckalicious

That platforming looks dull as shit. Also, as a hedgehog Sonic would probably eat all them baby Yoshi eggs. Now THATS dlc.

Posted by Death_Burnout

All lines have been crossed.

Edited by PimblyCharles

I smell collusion in the air with Alex & Patrick

Posted by Druminator

What the hell is going on today? First Hyrule Worlds, now this!?

Posted by blueinferno

So...I can only imagine that this idea came to fruition around the same time Hyrule Warriors did. That must have been a crazy night at Nintendo HQ.

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I don't want to live anymore.

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As someone that started gaming on the Genesis, seeing Sonic in this makes me uncomfortable.

Posted by TooWalrus

I'm not sure I could think of a worse mash-up.

Fuck Post-Genesis Sonic.

Fuck Post-SMW2 Yoshi.

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