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Ghostly International is such a wonderful label.

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The last video I saw for this they talked about the art being the start and building the game around that. Not really something for me, but it's got some crazy looking characters, which is always cool.

Posted by cassus

Soooo puurdy.. It is 4:20 somewhere, wait, I just missed it. FUCK.

Posted by EvanSnicks

Really looking forward to this; it looks super pretty, and sort of has that Flower tone, which I really dug. I sooo wish PSN had a gifting option like Steam; no one I know is going to play this, but if I had the ability to gift this to my brother/friends they'd be obligated to try it :)

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would prefer to play this on PC, but I'll gladly pick up the vita version in the meantime

Posted by blueneurosis

TRIPPAN BAWLS. But really, now that I've seen it, this makes sense for PSN's August offerings. At the very least it looks like it will be a good time visually.

Posted by Sweetz

It's been like 6 months since I turned on my PS3 (mostly a PC guy), I will turn it on to buy this.

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Conan's favorite game.

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Hohokum's Bizaaaaaarre Adventure!

Posted by paulunga

Man, this game looks incredible. Even if there wasn't a bunch of goals in there I'd probably still enjoy it at least as much as Proteus (which I only recently got to play thanks to PS+).