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@outerabiz said:

But you're still a bad person for liking the trailer as it is simply horrible, and hopefully has nothing to do with the game.

And you have played Hitman: Absolution to completion and have understood a majority of the ways you can play through and complete each level, correct? No? Shut the fuck up.

It's a cool action set piece. That's all it is. For anybody who appreciates well-choreographed action scenes, they should enjoy this in some capacity, maybe.

wait, what? Why does it matter if i have played the game to completion? Did you even read my comment before ranting?

... You know what, i was preparing to correct your ignorant response, but i don't really care that much... i'll let your inscience slip for now.

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@HerbieBug said:

I already left a nasty comment about this trailer on youtube. For here I'll just say I agree wholeheartedly with Jeff's description on the vid. Marketing games like this sucks. It's not good for anybody. It's one thing if this were a trailer for Saints Row 4 -that would be AWESOME- but it's not good when the trailer is for a series that is appealing for reasons completely at odds with what this trailer represents. And I'm not even talking about the nuns. Hitman has had to wacky villians in the past. I'm mostly referring to gameplay implications.

Gameplay implications? Like what? Duel-wielding? Like, I don't even understand where this comment is coming from. It's a goddamn CG trailer. Relax.

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How dare the producers of this game conjure up a stylish trailer that goes against my expectations of the game's themes and gameplay!

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In my opinion, this trailer is clearly showing that female assassins dressed in leather isn't a match for someone like 47. I can't help but wonder if there's going to be a level in the game where he will be going up against those women.

This doesn't damper my excitement for the next Hitman game at all. But, I must admit, that was one crazy ass trailer.

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As a fan of Hitman since Silent Assassin, this is fucking excellent, and anyone who's upset by a Square Enix-produced CG trailer is being silly in the first place.

The game will still have a Silent Assassin achievement. I'll probably get it again. Sometimes, however, it's just fun to kill EVERYBODY, and making that aspect of Hitman more compelling is a goal to be lauded. Remember that bullshit Playboy party level in Blood Money, and how cathartic it was, after finally beating it the 'right' way, to blast your way through it with the M4? If they want to make that just as sophisticated-looking as the stealth, I say good on 'em.

Yeah, ICA combat-nuns are silly, but not any more silly than Corky the Clown or the many travails of Agent Smith. Not to mention the surreal newspaper articles in the Blood Money post-mission debriefings.

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Didn't blood money have a mission where you infiltrated a redneck wedding? And didn't contracts have a mission where you infiltrated a party held by a meat baron who is fat like jabba the hutt?

edit: mainly i was commenting on people saying "NUNS! IO IS RUINING HITMAN".

Of course I'd be THERE if you also had to cram Agent 47 into leather catsuits first.

On the plus side...it appears at least one of the nuns makes it out of that bloodbath (the one that gets socked in the face).

Eight total, 3 get stealth killed (potential survivors), 3 more get shot, one is downed by friendly fire.

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I dont get why ppl bitching about this trailer ? And what is wrong if the game is like this trailer, it awesome !!

Well nothing is wrong if this game involved Agent 47 as the antagonist or NPC. As is, at least for me, the most compelling gameplay of the Hitman series is taking out a target without anyone knowing a murder even happened. So not even stealth kills with broken necks and ligature marks, but straight accidental/acts of God type stuff.

Still, seems like this is just marketing and not actually how this game must be played so I'm in.

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Finally watched this after hearing a lot of people bitching about it. Only conclusion I could draw is that those people are bitchy.

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What a weird ass trailer. To be fair, dominatrix nuns armed to the tee are totally the sort of enemies I would not be surprised to see in a Hitman game.

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That was really dumb.

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@Sergio said:

Finally watched this after hearing a lot of people bitching about it. Only conclusion I could draw is that those people are bitchy.

Yes. After reading Alex's article and being linked to here... I see nothing wrong with the trailer.

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Great game, great trailer.