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Sweet, the content train keeps on a rolling.

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Fuck to the yes.

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that screen cap is terrifying/amazing.

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"I was figuring if I held [an iPad] like this long enough I'd get a tan."

Or cancer. Whatevs.

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Oh jeez, 2 hours of jar-time. Amazing!

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Awesome! This should be a good one!

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All is well.

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wow, 2 hours. Nice =)

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waiting all day for this!

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2 hours!?!?! Awesome!

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This video is 2 hours long...

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very nice a new Jar time video ! :)

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Can't wait for this one!

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Awesome. Not sure about the Apple tan.

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good god man. that room is killing my ocd.

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woot! drop a jar on it!

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OH GOD. While I was watching this the center "featured" area on my Xbox home screen was exactly matched with Jeff's. I'M FREAKING OUT, MAN.

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@SpaceDandie: Dude I wish my room was as organised at Jeff's. College work takes it toll on ones self.

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The podcast is too long as it is?


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Sweet jumping Muhammad in a dress riding a unicycle while eating bacon! Two hour video is really long...

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Because anytime is a good time for Jars.

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Thumbnail win. Once again.

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Time for Jeff.

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2 hour Jartime. SCORE

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New webcam? Seems sharper.

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@Fistfulofmetal said:

The podcast is too long as it is?


that's true for us but just imagine you're sitting in the podcast room with 4 dudes for 3 hours and basically repeat conversations you might've had casually over the last week :)

I loved the 3+ hour podcast last week but our guys might get a little bored.

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What about a Xcom style Mass Effect game?

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Content. Sweet sweet content!!

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@HowDire said:

New webcam? Seems sharper.

Exactly my first impression.

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What kind of game would I like to see in the ME universe?

An RPG would be nice

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Woo hoo jar time!!

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This should be a crazy one

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2 hours of time well spent

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@crusader8463: the fact that your name is crusader makes this ironic....

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Just what I needed. Thanks Jeff

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Is there anyway to get these in audio form for on the go listening?

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i like it when the site tells me to "Dig Deeper into Jeff Gerstmann"

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Sweet shirt, bro!

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Extra long podcasts are a must. I imagine there is a lot of us that do listen to the whole thing every week.

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"podcast is probably too long anyways"

GB Cast can never be too long.. NEVER

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Mass Effect spin-offs?

An RPG would be nice. BioWare hasn't made any of those in a while.

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No! Don't shorten the podcast!

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Remember what happened last time they said they were going to change the podcast? .......

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Stop using the word pretentious when you don't know what it means. (That was not pointed at Jeff)

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Fucking shit yeah it's time for more Jar.