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First game easily goes in my top 10 games of all time. So excited for this sequel.

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I was excited to watch this just to hear the music.

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I had to watch that twice. Pretty sweet trailer.

Posted by patrickklepek

@thecrocodilator: Same. I hope this actually comes out in the next few years!

It should be out sometime late summer, I think.

Posted by ManiacalMech

Holy shit, this looks amazing. The music still holds up as well, so that's good.

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"Ready for a bit of the old... Ultra-Violence?"

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I'm ready. Whenever someone clueless about games says something like "I don't like how you can't just get in and play games, anymore. They're too slow," I show them Hotline Miami.

For the record, this has happened once.

Posted by Buble


Posted by ectoplasma

@thecrocodilator: Same here. First game was my top game of last year (or has it been two?).

Posted by Pr1mus


Posted by KatyGaGa

Hotline Miami is a horribly underrated game.

Posted by sdkinch
Posted by Nightriff

Hope Day 1 on the Vita, only way to play the first one in my opinion

Posted by fargofallout

I'm pretty excited - I hope they understood how important the music was to the first game. I still listen to the soundtrack all the time.

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Can't wait!

Posted by lKennedyl
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Posted by vulkans

@chilibean_3: All of Carpenter Brut's music from EP I is pure gold.


Posted by Rox360

Super sold! As if I wasn't already on board for more Hotline Miami.

Posted by natto
Posted by xXHesekielXx

Awesome trailer. I will definitely buy this game!!

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Didn't know the game had co-op... This makes it extra worthy.

Posted by leafhouse

'A Serious Mop' is that new Coen brothers movie right?

Posted by perilator666

i have high hopes for the soundtrack

Posted by LaszloKovacs

"May contain content inappropriate for children"

I dunno, seemed fine to me.

Posted by RonGalaxy

They should really consider adding a local multiplayer mode to this.

Posted by oldenglishc

Hope Day 1 on the Vita, only way to play the first one in my opinion

- Stamp of Agreement -

I tried playing with a keyboard and mouse after I had already beaten the Vita version and couldn't get past the second level. Much respect to people with crazy gymnast fingers, but I don't have em'.

Posted by Humanity

I really loved the first one from the music to the aesthetics. It was like a fast paced DreamWeb without any of the story and the action dialed to 900.

This already looks great. I don't know how he was shooting with individual arms but fuck it man, I want to do that!

Posted by MeatSim

I can't wait to hear the full soundtrack.

Posted by Supraluminal

Oh hell yes. The first one is one of the best games of all time. So looking forward to more.

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Soooo in the mood for more of this! Looks (and sounds) as great as expected.

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I'm so pumped for this game. Also roll! Whaaaat??

Posted by Butano

Wasn't really a fan of the first game itself, but God the soundtrack was incredible. Pretty sure that was the only thing that got me to play through the entire thing. I'll be getting this as well just to listen.

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whats the release date on this

Posted by Arrested_Developer

That guy is much better at hotline miami than I am, or they've delayed enemies reaction time.

Posted by jakob187

@katygaga said:

Hotline Miami is a horribly underrated game.

Given its massive popularity on the platforms it is available on and the nigh universal praise of the game, I'd say it rated accordingly. = /

Regardless of anything, I need this game ASAP.

Also, that song was fucking DOPE! I need to know who it is and where to find it.

Posted by Tennmuerti

Mind blown! Again.

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Posted by Zeeman155

Those are some nice TV-static effects. Amazing in fact. But they're really jarring in an almost dizzying kind of way. I hope that kind of stuff doesn't intrude too much on the gameplay part of the game.

Posted by HerbieBug

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ YES ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

Posted by Andorski

I'm looking forward to the game as much as the next guy, but the soundtrack needs to be plugged into my earholes ASAP.

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Too many... pixals!

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And if I am interpreting the trailer right it looked like some hot coop play is possible too...yeeeees

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Was that a co-op shot i saw?

And a saw i saw?

Posted by Vuud

cocaine is a hell of a drug.

Posted by ch3burashka

Can't effing wait. My Vita is exclusively a Spelunky/Hotline Miami machine.

So many new mechanics that are blowing my mind and make me so excited to get my hands on it. My only concern is for the story; I thought the original's story was kind of stupid - not incoherent, just sort of random, in a kind of "This is the 80's, so this makes sense, right?" way. The conclusion wasn't that great either. Either expand upon the conspiracy hinted at, or scrap it make it more relevant to the character.

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