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Posted by darkjester74

This is where the game loses me...I am completely uninterested in RTSs.  However, the SP demo really sold me so I am still going to be picking this up!  :)

Posted by Hoshnasi
@Zaapp1 said:
" @Hoshnasi: The main hero has demon wings, I wouldn't assume goth make-up was a sign of evil. "
Sooooo.... What you're saying here is that you don't know the answer to my question.
Posted by RsistncE

Hmm the multiplayer kinda reminds me of Freedom Fighters from last gen....and that game was AWESOME. Let's hope logic follows through on this one.

Posted by eclipsecdn

The multipayer mode is pretty much sacrifice! I loved sacrifice -- about time someone made something like it. I'm sure shiny will be properly impressed when this ships. Looks great.

Posted by Progman9000

For some reason, this part of the game seems way more interesting to me than the single player.

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@Kilnik said:

" @giyanks22 said:

" @Kilnik said:

" You know, I like Rocktober, but I like F*ckvember a whole lot better... "

Lol...Same here...Dragon Age, Modern Warfare 2, and Assassins Creed 2. "
All of which are on my "to buy" list. Including the aforementioned  Brüt...
not me... but good job, listing three of this holiday seasons most generic pieces of crap you could  that you can be sure every 10 year old will have (courtesy of their mommy). And wow fuckvember... ingenious. um rock and ock... not uck. Idiot.
Oh and *edit* are any of those games made by Tim Schafer?
Posted by day2daze
@darkjester74 said:
" This is where the game loses me...I am completely uninterested in RTSs.  However, the SP demo really sold me so I am still going to be picking this up!  :) "
sucks. maybe check your shit before you buy?? because even the SP has these rts elements. So yeah sucks man, too bad
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lol zeus is narrating?
Posted by Shadow

It's already Rocktober.  Not too long now.

Posted by frans130
@kingclaw said:
"so, its some kind of RTS? meh "

You've obviously never played Giants. Game's looking insanely cool, the Ironheade clan is a little meh, but the two others looks very creative and cool :D
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@nail1080 said:

" Multi player will be dead a week after release "

You're totally right, and can definately see this being another "the darkness or dark sector' in multi player regards (Nevermind that the main reason multiplayer didn't work in those games or any for that matter was the immense lag, even with a 'green' connect.)
But I mean cmon, it's only NOW double is telling us all about this supposed 'multi player' I mean seriously how long could they have had to work on this when the single players already going to be soooo very POLISHED and amazing. O wait, that's right, multiplayer was finished 2-3 years ago. The game started as multiplayer so it could be completely perfected and balanced and there's three pages full of people hyped for this. So hmmmm let's review-
 1)lag free 2) fun/balanced 3) and WE KNOW at least 20 people from giantbomb on there. Doesn't sound very dead to me... sorry nail you can't keep us down. Even TLAD isn't dead, if you wait long enough and most people HATE gta multiplayer. There's a reason for that. It's just not... great. RUn around get shield, get weapon, take some bitches, die, repeat. Well crap, looks like you might actually be wrong for once nailhead. I'm shocked. IM SO FUCKING SHOCKED, and you've always been my god little naily.