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This was a fun video, Dan was a great salesman.

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Awesome. I really loved the "Building a Bomb" days, it's cool to see some of that energy again.

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Also, poor @alex getting called out for having a belly by a person dressed as Mickey.

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So it begins.

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This is relevant to my interests.

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Thanks for showing us around, Alex and Vinny! Excited to see the what's next for Giant Bomb East!

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Wonderful video you guys, I'll probably watch it two or three more times just to get a another glimpse of that store you visited!

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This video has got me so pumped for Giant Bomb East!

Also I'll be sure to visit Video Games New York the next time I head up there!

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Fucking YES! Love to see more stuff like this!

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Spider-Man's suit looks FILTHY.

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Thank you, Jesus.

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This video made me so happy.

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Wow im super excited to see what you guys do there! It sure looks cozy.

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VideoGamesNewYork looks like a fucking museum. I'm going there next time I'm in New York.

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This was great. Looking forward to what you guys put together.

Envisioning a segment where Vinny explains old video games to Robin.

Go Team Beast!!!

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Retron 5 makes me happy!

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Cockles sufficiently warmed. I am excited for you guys.

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I'm looking forward to see what you guys make out east.

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This is just all kinds of awesome wrapped in pizza and historic games consoles, already looking forward to the next episode! :D Good luck Vinny & Alex!

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I love VGNY, but those import prices man. Crazy overpriced. Most of the time I'm better off buying from Amazon JP and paying a forwarding fee. Everything else there is fantastic though.

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I worked at a place a lot like that here in Florida. I can confirm that N64's were worth their weight in gold. And repairs on old consoles were pretty common too. N64's never usually broke though, games just needed cleaning. If you can find a Play-n-trade in your area you have a 50-50 chance that it will be a small version of this Video Games New York store depending on how its run. Most of them are just crappy Gamestop's though.

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If you've never seen the original How To Build A Bomb web series, choose Features and go to the very first page. Know your roots.

"Buildin' a website! GiantBomb.com!"

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My face literally just lit up from seeing this.

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Vinny has been let loose on New York. I hope Alex was prepared, because it's about to get weird.

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Glad you guys are finally building up Giant Beast! Love to see what you guys are gonna do over here. Hopefully you guys can do a meetup someday when you're all settled in, I'd buy you both a pint each!

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So this is what Project Beast was.

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So excited! New Fucking Man! That store clerk, super awesome guy.

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I am so happy you guys went to Video Games New York. I've been going there for as long as I've been living in the city and it's an amazing store. Support your fellow small business men!

Next you need to go to J&L in Chinatown and get the insane japanese import rip-off experience.

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I feel so much better now. Thanks Vinny, thanks Alex. Videogamesnewyork looks fucking rad by the way!

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This Vinny Guy will be a LEGEND!

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The REAL Project Beast starts here! :P

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Video Games New York is an amazing place. My wife and I went there on our honeymoon (in addition to the rest of NYC of course). It's funny, they let us film there but we 'couldn't put it online'. How their opinions have changed in 8 years...

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Oh damn I am super hyped for Giant Bomb East

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Great video guys! :D

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You guys just keep giving and giving! Can't believe I've been here since building a bomb, but as this shows change can be good too :-)

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So awesome.

Also the N64 was my first console and I am currently 23 so well into my 'man the N64 was preeeettty cool' phase.

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This video was FANTASTIC - how far GiantBomb has come since the original HTBAB videos. Solo excited for the GBEAST action. Shout outs to Video Games New York and shout outs to Dan's One Piece T-shirt!


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N64: 1996's console of the year for 2014. Hope they visit Dan again to talk about more used stuff like Comic Book Men for video games.

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Nice work, that store looks really interesting...

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I was sad when this video was over. It feels like an adventure, what will happen next?!

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So this is that project beast thing people keep talking about...

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Loved the impromptu interview. That guy seemed cool.

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Sweet! Can't wait for the next Episode. And now the next time I visit New York, I want to go to VideoGames New York, that store looked freaking awesome and the staff seemed legit!

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This is wonderful and a nice callback to the original video that started it all.

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Giantbomb East slowly turning into gamecenter cx.

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The beast is about to be unleashed.

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Oh man, bringing Jeff to VGNYC. Is that basically a truncated Raid?

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AWESOME! This is the sort of cool new random original stuff I can't wait to see more of.

I'd love to hear Vinny get nerdy on the current studio hardware they have in there already. Like whether it's junk or amazing or his ability to learn it etc What sort of stuff it's missing. What criteria they have for TV purchases, if any.

Also be super awesome to get that Video Games NY shop into some more GB content somehow. Nothing crazy but become friend's and GB and his store could both benefit from it.

Been doing some light video game repair stuff myself lately. Fixed a couple RROD 360s, semi-fixed a Vita, couple DS Lites, couple 60 Gig PS3s on the way, and an 360 Slim as well.