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Posted by JayHayabusa

Seeing this on the schedule this morning brought a HUGE smile to my face!!

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Awesome. I love Vinny's behind the scenes videos so much.

Edit: 1080p60!

Posted by T_wester

these are great keep up the good work.

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Wait a minute, there's an episode 1?

Nevermind, now I remembered that I already saw that one..

Posted by Prestige

Ten seconds in, and I'm seeing 60 fps. Thanks Vinny!

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Yeah, this video is real good quality. Like, FOR REAL.

Posted by Tribski

Looking at all this expensive equipment made me want to become premium member to support you financially. Seriously, I didn't expect so much stuff. Could you tell us how much did the GiantBomb East and West studio equipment cost? Or at least how big part of the total costs of running giant bomb is it?

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@tribski: I think 80 grand was mentioned somewhere as the cost of the GB West studio, at least a big part of it.

Also, this is looking great!

Posted by SharkEthic

Huh, handheld cameras in 1080p60 makes me fucking nauseous apparently...awesome.

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Posted by Strafer

Mixer Simulator Quick Look

Posted by shrinerr

As someone who wasn't around when How to Build a Bomb originally aired, I must say I'm irrationally happy to watch this as it happens.

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I'm dancin' around, I ain't even sittin' down anymore!

Posted by guanophobic

I fucking lost it with the pitch shifter. Great work Vinny!

Posted by envane

hehe my midi keyboard has a remote control fader on it , i was just like vinny "check it out im moving that fader with my computer"

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Can I vote no Auto-Ducking? It drives me crazy...always.

edit: A touch screen laptop might be pretty rad for that interface.

Posted by probablytuna

Oh god, that transition

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the voice changes...my stomach....it hurts...:D

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Watching Vinny goof around, happy like a kid in a candy store, makes my day.

Posted by TurboMan

Video looks great, studio looks fancy.

Posted by zenmastah

Have a good day Vinny.

Posted by godlrod2

it's rare that a video actually makes me shoot soda out of my nose, but the voice change certainly did it. studio looks great!

Posted by ZironZ

Is it streaming at 1080p?

The HD download link for premium members is still only 720p.

Posted by Gren

Love these behind the scenes videos <3, and it's always good to see more Vinny heh.

Oh and Vin dog I would totally love a super complicated behind the scenes explanation video of all the stuffs :3.

Posted by mjk0104

Is it just me or is that beard getting pretty serious? Love these videos, always interesting :)

Posted by BeachThunder

*looks under seat for a transition*

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Videos like this are why I <3 Giant Bomb. Keep up the great work Giant Beast!

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ONLY 1080p60?

Huh, @vinny. Huh.

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GBEAST isn't dead! \o/

Posted by Splodge

This is simultaneously one of the most informative videos on the site, and one of the dumbest.

Posted by kroonberg

1080p, 60FPS is amazing!

Posted by whizzedoutwoz

Enjoyed this vid, 60fps sweet.

Posted by Kaigan

Guys, remember screened.com?

Posted by mithical

Transitions for everybody!

Posted by GideonAmos

Vinny, you're a wonderful human being.

Posted by NecroNeko

Production corner with Vinny is always good fun to watch.

Posted by TheVGamer

I'm glad that their studio has become the church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Nothing warms my heart as much as seeing a great mess of cables.

Posted by Roundlay

Great stuff Vinny!

Posted by sp

Goddamn Vinny, you magnificent, magnificent man. <3

Posted by Devil240Z

I'm excited for you too vinny! that stuff looks awesome!

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@mjk0104: Didn't he say that he wouldn't cut it before he got the studio set up? :P

Posted by johannes

Amazing video! Had me laughing until I cried.

Posted by ObsideonDarman

Well done, Vinny. Well done!

Posted by Monkeyman04

Even though I don't know shit about video production, I would love to hear @vinny go more in depth about the struggles of getting everything to work.

Posted by Extintor

serious props to both of you.

Posted by mjk0104

@amyggen: Ah, I do feel like he mentioned that at some point, that would explain it.

Posted by Fennefoss

This looks great! Amazing job Vinny. I do video editing for a living, so seeing how you guys do your live studio stuff is really interesting, and something i hope to do some day aswell. Really enjoying the 60 fps!

Posted by Devil240Z

Vinny I would love to hear,watch,learn any cool video production stuff you wanted to show us.

Posted by MadJackChurchill

Vinny's using my laptop! I feel apart of history...