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Posted by Luffer

Don't quite get the phenomenon, but err.... first? ..... Is that the idea?

Posted by Sadza

Oh yeah, good times... loved these early videos.

Posted by virgogenofiend

well this sure is a shock to my system ! ey ? a site like this ? sounds like fun ! lol ha ah ! mofo got locked out first ep ! damn that bites!

Posted by Luffer

Is it me or is the video broken? In my haste to be the "first" I neglected to watch the video. Partly because I've seen it before. However, having just tried now I gets about 4 secs in then skips to the end.

Posted by fireflys_locket

"We're building a website!" ^_^ Haha. Still makes me laugh. Ah, I love you guys.

Posted by gamegoddess162

I love you dude, but I can't watch this video cause it looks like your about to cry and it makes me sad : ( but yay! for giant bomb : )

Posted by imayellowfellow

LOL man i loved these videos i hope u guys keep having them just random around the office vids

Posted by Gump

Good Video, Guys!

Posted by Skeetz

Setting the tone for a fun website, interesting to see where this goes...

Posted by Shabran


Posted by retwakm

lol giant bomb is gonna be awesome once it gets going i mean really who doesnt like seeing all the old gamespot ppl.

Posted by JJOR64

God I can't stop watching these videos.

Posted by Light_Bahamut

I remember being so dissappointed by this video when they first posted it. 

Posted by Meteora

I remember when I first saw this video. It was sorta depressing to see Jeff like that.

But now it's all good.

Posted by wrecks

I remember being completely amped by this vid... haha.. just a taste of the Epic to come!

Posted by FlipperDesert

Wow, it's been a year already, hasn't it? That is bizarre.

Posted by FallenFatKid

one year

Posted by TwoLines

Ha.. long time ago..

Posted by Mrbrandneweverythang
man i love you guys but damn that vid was horrible
Posted by trimon

Man its so sad but so hilarious. I always love seeing big sites back in their humble days. Good thing Giant Bomb is still nice and humble and honest :)

Posted by leky1
@trimon said:
" Man its so sad but so hilarious. I always love seeing big sites back in their humble days. Good thing Giant Bomb is still nice and humble and honest :) "
Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

I love this site, but this is my first time going through these videos. I feel sad in a way, but the site has become something quite amazing.

Posted by luniac

wow.. kinda makes me go whew that the site made it.... well... that you got the door open... imagine it was locked forever!!!! morbid...

Edited by CaptainTightPants

And then giantbomb because the best site EVER ^_^

Posted by RoboRobb

Buildin a website! Giantbomb.com..

Posted by Vigorousjammer

oh man... old-skool!

Posted by Gamer_152

It's interesting going back and watching some of these early videos. Giant Bomb have been consistently awesome from the moment they started.

Posted by lamegame621

I remember watching this when this site was just a wee little blog...

Posted by SleepyDoughnut

Gatorade Tiger, where it all started lol

Posted by ashton

i god i remember this... fucking good times
love u giantbomb!

Posted by UnsolvedParadox

Never seen these before! Really cool that I can relive the humble beginnings of GIANT BOOOOOOOOOOOMB!!!

Posted by wwfundertaker

Really long time ago when i first watched these.

Posted by foggel

Haha, great video!

Posted by Bobdaman18

I dont know if it's deliberate or not but jeff seems so bummed that it kinda hurts to watch this.  Its all ok though because the website is amazing now.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Great seeing how the site as got more and more awesome.  
Great work guys!

Posted by VisariLoyalist


Posted by Arjuna

Anyone who types a comment here is an idiot...  wait...  *DOH!*

Posted by JJOR64

Gatorade Tiger is no more now.  :(

Posted by RVonE

I still love this video!
Posted by Jiquk

Ahhhhh i love giantbomb.

Posted by skiguyusc

Finally got around to watching this.  That was pretty damn amusing.

Posted by danimal_furry

As a fan from the start I've gone back to watch these again, and I love em the same now as then.

Posted by Sneakybadger

it'l never work

Posted by Aarny91

So long ago.

Posted by Wes899

Never saw this. Glad the quest system exists to make me see this magic.

Posted by deadly_polo

wow Giant Bomb has come a long way in 2 years

Posted by Blood_for_the_blood_God

poor poor Jeff, im glad that he eventually was able to get in

Posted by xrayzwei

Giant Bomb has come a long way!  My favorite, still awesome.
Posted by Marconi88

These how to build a bomb videos are still great 2 years later. 

Posted by Akel

i'm glad they're going to keep everything archived

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