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Posted by chrispti

Super interesting guys! Thanks so much Vinny and Drew!

Posted by Pop

The volume thing was I think from twitch tv their player had an issue in embedding where if you didn't move the volume slider the sound would be really low.

Drew is such a boss holding that camera up for an hour his hands didn't have any circulation by the end.

This was awesome! I wanted to know why stuff gets out of sync and why the only to fix it is to restart the stream, is it because that's a problem with twitch? or do they have to restart the tricaster?

Posted by Cipher76

Awesome video!

Posted by DoctorWelch

@Vinny I'm not sure if it's been fixed as I haven't been able to watch many live streams due to a busy semester, but I do know for a fact the audio problems with the steam is not your fault. The problem is with the actual volume on the player because they player would say the volume is at max when it is actually only half way. That's definitely the source of people complaining about a lack of volume during streams.

It may be fixed with the new site. I'm not exactly sure.

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I loved this. Fantastic video guys.

Posted by turbomonkey138

For me who wants to get into live studio TV. I always wondered how they had their set up. This is the most interesting video on the site for me.

Posted by PacManFevaa

Really awesome. I've been meaning to watch this for a while. I would love to see more behind the scenes of your productions when/if you have the chance.

Did Vinny and Drew figure all this stuff out through years of trial and error or is it based off of another video recording/streaming set up they had prior knowledge of?

Posted by feedo

finally got a chance to come back and watch this. fantastic work @vinny and @drewbert! I'd love to see a followup sometime soon.

Posted by Muppio

This makes me appreciate what these guys do even more than before.

Posted by Art_Vandelay

@velamo05: Right? Its a totally different aspect of him showing than when he is on the couch. He and Drew are the awesome pit crew of giant bomb. So glad i subscribed.