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Posted by Akolite

Moba... just call it Dota you fools.

Posted by Rasgueado

Wow... this isn't at all awkward.

Posted by Basse21

why is he looking away from the camera?

Posted by gike987

Moba, how stupid. It's a Dota clone you fools.

Posted by jakob187

Maybe if I had played DotA, I'd know more about what this is.  Nonetheless, if it's F2P, then I'm down for checking it out.

Posted by Someguy0504

The use of teleprompter is not at all obvious...

Posted by LGJ
@gike987: they were the ones who did the Dota mod!
Posted by DreamAgain

This was a terrible video. 
I have the beta and this game is pretty awesome, but for someone who never played dota or this type of game, this video doesn't explain anything at all rofl.  not to mention it is poorly edited. 
if you wanted to create a dota/LoL tutorial it would be 30 minutes long and obviously they dont want to do that so why even bother making a crappy video like this?
Posted by gike987
@LGJ: I know but i think Moba is one of the most stupid things i have heard, it sounds silly.
Posted by Luke

I'm the 265th best League of Legends Player currently in Beta, out of over 7,000 Testers :p  
This game is gewd guys!!... support Riot Games and preorder it! 

Posted by Vinchenzo

Wow MOBA is such a stupid fucking abbreviation. They are classified as an AoS; Aeon of Strife. Fucking MOBA...

Posted by Cloneslayer

dota is alright, but why should I get this is I have warcraft 3 and can play dota already?

Posted by Lazyaza

Game itself looks decent but dear god that ui is huge, haven't seen one like that since like warcraft 3.   

Posted by Jeffsekai

That looks like ass, cluttered interface...Wc3 graphics...why are they making this stand alone? make a deal with bliz or something. Oh well now we know why its free

Posted by TheWalleh
"Hey I got an idea! Let's get the most awkward people in our office to promote our game!"
"Oh don't forget to plug in MOBA!"
"Oh yeah how silly of me to forget."
/face palm
Posted by JukeboxJoe

Looks good, but the UI is fucking hideous. It fell out the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down
Posted by Ineedaname

That whole game, just looks like run in, hit, is HP low - Yes - Run away - recover go back in
                                                                                                   No - stay and fight

Edited by MythDarK
@LGJ: Actually, Eul was the one who made DotA. Guinsoo made DotA All stars.
Posted by Baggykins

anyone else experiencing the audio swapping from right to left speaker/headphone when they talk?

Posted by DreamAgain

Wow you guys are really ignorant with your "WHY NOT JUST PLAY ON WC3 ENGINE" comments. 
There are SO many reasons why not to. 
Warcraft 3 is not designed for this style of gameplay, its made to be a RTS.  The creativity when creating a wc3 mod is very limited, you have to use their premade models, skills, voices, everything. 
One of the most annoying things about Dota are all the leavers, and there is no way to stop them in wc3 unless you do TDA or something. 
This game not only stat tracks leavers and prevents them from joining your game, but it also tracks kill:death ratio, assists, creeps, win:loss ratio, LOTS of stuff to make it competitive. 
It fixes tons of annoying things that you are unable to fix with the wc3 engine, to name a few, you ALWAYS have your hero selected no matter what, you can custom bind all your skills and item abilities, all of your teammates health/hp EVEN SKILL COOLDOWNS show up on screen at all times.  For hardcore dota players those changes mean a lot, and it is impossible to make those changes in the wc3 engine.  Basically what I am saying, is if you actually wanted to evolve the gameplay of Dota instead of just adding new heroes for the next 10 years, the game has to be made on a seperate engine built specifically for this type of gameplay. 
On top of it, they added a persistent "summoner" that levels up when you play the game allowing new skills, heroes, skins, lots of stuff to be unlocked which could never happen in wc3 custom game, you join one, someone leaves, remake.. thats how all dota custom games go  90% of the time.
Posted by killdave


Posted by Zolfe

lol this is so dota, theres even the river,
 but it looks great

Posted by Wright

bleh, I was hoping they'd do more with this. I mean it's almost 2010 for god's sake! Though it is free, so I guess you can't complain too much.

Posted by NoXious

Looks great, but for some reason the sounded f'ed up. Constantly switching ears for me. The hell.

Definately going to play this, DOTA lost it's charms with all the op combo's out there nowadays - if any decent player gets his hands on things like Lycan you're scr00d. [And it's free!]

Posted by ArbitraryWater

DotA was fun, but everyone always called me a "fucking noob" and then proceeded to boot me from the game. I expect the same result when I try out (it's free, so why the hell not?) League of Legends.

Posted by galfisk

DO NOT WANT. And why are do they refuse to look into the camera?

Posted by legendary1

I've never understood DOTA. Its like Warcraft 3... except the AI controls everything of yours but 1 hero. Why?

Posted by FunExplosions

anyone else not give a shit about this? it looks dated as hell, with no real interesting gameplay mechanics
Posted by DerekDanahy

Not feeling this.

Posted by MonkeyPulp
@LGJ said:
" @gike987: they were the ones who did the Dota mod! "
No, they did not. I'm not sure where you got this information from.
Posted by MonkeyPulp
@DreamAgain said:

" Warcraft 3 is not designed for this style of gameplay, its made to be a RTS.  The creativity when creating a wc3 mod is very limited, you have to use their premade models, skills, voices, everything. "

 Almost every skill in dota is custom made using the JASS wc3 programming language.  You can also make and import your own models.... have you even played any custom wc3 games?  What people do with the WC3 engine is amazing. I played a FPS map the other day and was blown away.. a FPS on WC3, lol. 
(can't wait to see what people start doing with the SC2 engine)
Posted by Crono

Looks good enough to check out.  I will def play a few rounds but doubt I will stay long enough to pay for anything.  This kind of game is just generally too slow of a pace for me.

Posted by Darg

This game is fun and is not just DotA. Especially because I believe they intend to take it farther than just the one map/mode.
Matchmaking alone is worth the price of admission, especially for baddies like me.
Give it a chance!

Posted by MeatSim

Defiantly looks like a Warcraft 3 mod, so I can see why it's free to play.

Posted by DarkPants

cant wait for this game

Posted by Derios

lol man it's insane how similar it is to dota.

Posted by cyrax

MOBA, what a catchy term.
Game should provide some free fun.

Posted by End_Boss

The guy's voice keep bouncing from one side of my headset to another... Fuck... Myyy braain!

Posted by Scooper
@End_Boss said:
" The guy's voice keep bouncing from one side of my headset to another... Fuck... Myyy braain! HURRRRRGH. "
I know, it's annoying!
Posted by hexxagonal

Some of the guys that did this also worked on DotA hence the similiarities.

Posted by Luchen

What's the big deal with the word "MOBA", sure it's silly. But what is not in this industry? Remember when you bought your DREAMCAST? or your WII? or playing all those MMORPG

Posted by Slaneesh
@Derios said:
"lol man it's insane how similar it is to dota. "

It´s some of  the creators from DOTA  who decided they would make money.
Posted by Xeiphyer
Its the original creators of DotA, not the current people who are maintaining and in most peoples opinion ruining DotA.
I believe they stopped working on dota to begin making this game, this was quite some time ago.
I miss the charm of the graphics of DotA. Its going to be hard to adjust to all the new heroes and the inevitable new strategies that will develop.
Posted by ToxicFruit

is he blind

Posted by kaamos

 Most of the comments that I have read didn't even relate to the game itself.
I cannot understand the frustration under the fact that this brings DotA to a new level.
I didn't see so many negative voices every time an action/puzzle game was released " Hey, that's a Pong clone! " .
DotA virtually launched a new genre. It attracted numerous players. It is only normal for companies to try their luck and skill in recreating that feeling and that atmosphere.
I truly believe that this is a large step for the genre and in the following years we will see much more gameplay-depth experience from the future genre games.
It looks very interesting and I love how they decided to go with the colourful graphics and somewhat childish gay style. It's freaking awesome.
With a rather vast DotA experience ( more than 7 years now - RoC ftw ! ) , I can only say that I look foward in playing this DotA New Gen.
Best regards,

Posted by Dark

Hey look its Tom, best guild master in WoW ever IMO.

Posted by EsN_Fish

To all you guys dissing the game, have you actually played the beta? I have and I have to say I'm impressed. It took several lan party sessions to get me interested in dota, but after my first beta match of LOL I was interested. There are a lot of changes that make the game more user friendly. Stuff like the hot keys for skills are the same for every character now and the new shop is a nice addition. I'm still getting used to all the new heroes and junk, but it's still fun none the less.

Edited by chronix

Ahh I don't know how they did the audio but his voice (while wearing headphones) seems to show up on the right side as if he is swawing back and forth really fast
Each side sounds okay alone but together but some of the voices seem to bounce between the two

Posted by eagle

I haven't played LoL yet but I've played a dozen of HoN beta matches and as a fan of DotA I think HoN will suit the hardcore better - and hopefully get more attention than LoL.

Posted by AURON570

looking forward to this

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