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Posted by TwoArmed

Hmmm, interesting
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Edited by xxNBxx

great game for the DS
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Posted by august

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Posted by Jayross


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Posted by Crixaliz

Aww man I thought this was coming to PC too.
I need something new to replace Puzzle Quest and Bejeweled.

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Posted by Slaneesh

Seem like i might dig the game. This announcer though, i kinda just wanna punch him in the face

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Posted by ArbitraryWater

It's actually pretty good, assuming all you want is a DS puzzle game.

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Posted by Mystyr_E
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Posted by crusader8463

I remember hearing people go nuts for this a year or two back when it came out on the DS, but sadly my DS was victimized by a bar of deodorant so I could not play this game. Wish it was coming out to PC, but I may be willing to settle for getting it on PSN if it's around $5-$10.

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Edited by ThatFrood

XD oh god this guy is ridiculous
You know what's awesome? THIS. You know what's awesomer than that awesome thing? This more awesome thing.

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Posted by hinkbert

So excited.  Critter Crunch was such a fun puzzler and this looks to be better, or Awesomer!

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Edited by paulunga
@ArbitraryWater said:

" It's actually pretty good, assuming all you want is a <strike>DS</strike> puzzle game. " 

There, fixed that for you.

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Posted by BiggNife
@slaneesh said:
" Seem like i might dig the game. This announcer though, i kinda just wanna punch him in the face "
This is pretty much how I felt 
"This game looks pretty cool, right guys? RIGHT, GUYS!!!!!?????"
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Posted by emem

This guy is kind of doing Jeff's DSiWare talk and it's a bit sad that he is trying too hard to sell the game.. at least he's not as bad/fake as the 2 guys from TERA. ;)

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Posted by AsherV20

Starting out with, "Coming soon..." and I'm all, "Oh lord, here we go again... been waiting like a year." Then they smack me in the mouth with an actual release date at the end of the video. Well played, Capybara.

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Edited by beard_of_zeus

I really enjoyed this game on the DS, and all the new art here is looking pretty damn good. Critter Crunch was rather stunning as well, so I'm not too surprised. I'm glad they finally nailed down a release date, I'll definitely be picking this up.

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Posted by nsolo1717

Portal 2 and now to find out this is coming out this month as well. This is going to be a great month indeed. Day 1 purchase 

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Posted by DeF

I loved this on DS. I might buy this again if it's not too expensive and/or there is some new stuff.
My only concern is, that this is not really fitting for the console experience since it was perfectly suited for mobile play on trains, busses or ... the bathroom :D

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Posted by MisterMouse

I am not a fan of might and magic yet, does that mean I cant watch the movie!!!

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Posted by MeatSim

That announcer guy was cheesy.

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Posted by Icicle7x3

Glad to hear that they rebalanced the game.

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Posted by peligroy2k

Awesome!, not my type of game, Thanks for reading, Peligro out!!!

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Posted by HydraHam

Damnit.. Might and Magic just won't stop taking my fucking money.

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Posted by ocha
@Mystyr_E:  Take my money, indeed.
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Posted by TheMustacheHero


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Posted by Sinkwater


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Posted by eccentrix

Despite the VO, this game looks okay.

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Posted by BetaMax
@Mystyr_E: so much yes
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Posted by JCGamer
This game looks sweet. Wish it was out for the iPad. Seems like a great game for the platform.
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Posted by jorbear

This guy probably gets all the chicks. He just casts bloodlust, and they come running.

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Posted by Halfjaw
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Posted by dyong

Capybara Games is the best name ever.

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Posted by Xpgamer7

Man that guy was annoying.

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Posted by kalmis

Sure, why not. Although I think I have the DS game already.

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Posted by Goblinoid

Music was straight from Dark Messiah.

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Posted by budgietheii

Bah, might and magic 3 was the best in the series of turn based games.
This looks an interesting aside though.

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Posted by ZeekDaGeek

Oh haven, of coarse how could I forget haven... unless... wtf are you talking about?

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Edited by Zanthox

Man, that announcer is hilarious. ONE WEEK!

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Edited by Tennmuerti

And this has to do with Might and Magic, what?
Oh yeah, they used some sprites and names from the games I guess.

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Posted by Simes

Look out for "Might & Magic Kart Racing", coming this holiday season!

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Posted by PenguinDust


But, all things being equal it does look very promising.  Ah, turn-based action, it will be good to see you again.
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Posted by Rmack

I don't own a DS anymore and have been waiting for this game forever. It looks awesomer than awesome, and the moves look devastating, right guys? Seriously though, I want this now.

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Posted by NDrew2

This was a great DS game!

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Posted by buft
@Simes said:
" Look out for "Might & Magic Kart Racing", coming this holiday season! "
i know what you mean, i was disappointed to find out this was some weird bejewelled type game
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Posted by mariussmit

ugh, now I have to buy this too.

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Posted by Chris2KLee

Looking forward to this. Had some fun on the DS, but the HD version looks like it will be worth it.

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Posted by Nomin

BAM! There goes the dynamite 
Wonder how the small screen of DS would cope with already cramped sprites. 
Too bad about the 'anime' stylization.
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Edited by dvorak

The version on the DS was incredibly addictive and fun.

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Posted by achoyq

Oh my, I want this.

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Edited by boku

Yo I'm no wizard but stunning HD is stunning!






This game looks sweet. Wish it was out for the iPad. Seems like a great game for the platform.
 This!  Or ANY HoMM/Disciples game would do.
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