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 Watcha gonna do when the hulkster runs wild on YOU?

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" d "

Very insightful.
And oh man. Hogan rapping. Almost like the Rock acting.
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Hulk will do anything for money these days. 
Also... Jimmy Heart is still alive?

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wow... that was painful to watch... like a train wreck.

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" @Grissefar said:
" d "
Very insightful.  And oh man. Hogan rapping. Almost like the Rock acting. "
Not quite quick enough :P
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what is up with the hulk hogan dick? That's not cool Hulk...

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What is... i don't even...

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Hogan flashing the camera is an easy indication that he is very drunk at the moment.

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This all should of taken place as Hogan was in the crapper.

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I couldn't stop laughing

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What the hell did I just watch?

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It seemed like Hulk Hogan was doing an impersonation of Hulk Hogan.

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Finally what this site was missing: Hulk Hogan flashing his junk.

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I couldn't stop wondering why Jimmy Hart would be in his living room...makes no sense at all.

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Is it bad that I saw HuK, and thought it was about starcraft?

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Apparently, tales of "24 inch pythons" were greatly exaggerated...

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Thunder Thighs? Really? Wow.

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That was fantastic.

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that wasn't the hogan i wanted to flash the camera

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I'd hit that.

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@Blood_for_the_blood_God:  The correct answer is "none of the above."
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I'm wondering how long it will be before Hulk and Brooke confess to their incestuous relationship.

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Brook is hot.....and those aren't thunder thighs that's alot of muscle...

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I wish this was Ric Flair.

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WTF is Jimmy Hart doing with that 360 controller?

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Was that seriously meant to sell copies of Def Jam Rapstar?

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Oh Jimmy Hart. What the holy hell? All I really need is Scott Hall stumbling in and throwing a toothpick and acting like a twat and it'll be like I'm 12 years old all over again.

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Nice 8====D Mr. Hulk......

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Dear whomever wrote the tagline for this video: not cool duder, way not cool.

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I thought that was already a concept page....
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His fake Def Jam tattoo was smudging O_o

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Rapstaramania is running wild, brother!

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Not bad for an 84 year old man, eh kids?

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My hero

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@RecSpec said:
" I couldn't stop wondering why Jimmy Hart would be in his living room...makes no sense at all. "
To me it makes the most sense out of everything in the video.
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@RecSpec said:
" I couldn't stop wondering why Jimmy Hart would be in his living room...makes no sense at all. "
He and Hogan are longtime friends.  That was the best part, watching the Mouth of the South just holding the controller...lol
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made my day

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Jimmy Hart should sing into the megaphone.

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So they actually think this is a GOOD thing for Rapstar? Be like Hulk Hogan? Next they're going to have Oprah rapping.

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I'm shaking my head right now.

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wtf? Jimmy Hart...

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Is that the mouth of the south cold lampin with them on the 3rd chair?!

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Now did they make a 30 second clip of hulk with junk out with bulldog in the background?