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Fear of boredom

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MGS and Bioshock never told me there were expecting! Congratulations!

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How are they going to do the hydrophobia aspect of it when you are in the water.... os always near water?
Heavy Rain style QTE's before you go into combat.  You have to build up a psych meter via a complexs button combo to come out of cover?  
Who knows.  
Also the graphics look great at times, and other times, meh.  Like the guy trying to break down the glass with a chair... looked... fake... like he wasn't really trying.  Maybe he wasn't and it's an important plot point...

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Looks interesting, had a tomb raider vibe with water...and a boat :)

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Cool beans.

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If I was Hydrophobic and waist deep in water I would not  be shooting I would FREAK OUT!

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"I am speaking a heavy eastern European accent and I really want you to know that".

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@eldiax said:
" meh. "

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 This looks pretty darn good for an XBLA game, Ive got the feeling this will be marketed as the next 'upscale' XBLA title a la Shadow Complex.
Really could have done without the sub-Bioshock political voiceover, I was wondering how they were going to differentiate themselves from that other destroyed underwater environment game, and I guess they arent.

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What's next? a video game based off the movie 'Vertigo'?

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@Daryl said:

"Fear of boredom "

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Russian God Father era Marlon Brando narrates a Bioshock/Beyond Good and Evil style game that looks like it was made for the Xbox 1.

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My god what a crappy voiceactor. 

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It also refers to the old term for rabies...
Good to see this project is moving forward; they were sorta silent for a while.

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looks like a shitty game from the mid 90's

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This is an XBLA game folks, you're not gonna get anything that look like Gears of War from it. I'm interested in it if only because water in games has been stale for way too long.

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I'm holding out for Hydro Thunder Phobia.

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How long has this game been in developement? I remember hearing about this game years ago. Maybe I'm remembering things wrong.
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I am kinda confused by this trailer and this game, if she is so afraid of water how can she swim so well?  Also swim and shoot at the same time?  I mean this doesn't look half bad but come on!

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That is a very bad russian accent.

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XBLA title
pretty good
im also looking forward to Breach (another XBLA title)
the music in this trailer is awesome btw

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I think we all know what Hydrophobia means you dont have to tell us.

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"Water is patient...  Water just waits.  While it wears down  the cliff tops, the mountains, the whole of the world.  Water always wins!"  That what I think when I think Hydrophobia.
I'm somewhat intrigued to see how it turns out.

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@wosifat said:
""Water is patient...  Water just waits.  While it wears down  the cliff tops, the mountains, the whole of the world.  Water always wins!"  That what I think when I think Hydrophobia. I'm somewhat intrigued to see how it turns out. "

Is that a Doctor Who reference? I don'tlike water...
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I thought hydrophobia was a fear of mythological mutli-headed serpent monsters.
That makes more sense than being scared of a puddle.

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great...cause everybody loves the water level.

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tomb raider with constant access to water to make her more sexylike...

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The narrator.... I want to kill him... slowly.

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voicee acting sounds pretty bad but concept seems cool enough
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I'm holding out for Simantrophobia.

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For an XBLA title that seems pretty fleshed out. I wonder how the actual fear the main character has of water will work in the game though. The bigger question; Why did she take a job as a systems engineer on a cruise liner if she has hydrophobia?
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Too bad it's on the 360, it looks like an interesting game.

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1:04 - 1:54 Sick tune

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@Impossibilium: You're thinking of presumably hydraphobia.
Looks interesting for arcade, need to know more information though. :/
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Slight bioshock vibe

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The horrible accent...... I can't... take it..... AAAHHHHHHHGH

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First thing I thought of is System Shock with more water.

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I hate to straight up LoL someones post, but...LOL
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Hate to make a MW2 reference, but that dude wearing body armor looked like Makarov

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I like this. 
XBLA titles are starting to look quality now. 
1200 points or 1600 points?

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XBLA title?  NICE!  I'll have to pick it up.

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The narrator just makes me hate this.
A lot.

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I've played some of this like 5 or 6 months ago.

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It looks good, but it doesn't seem like it'll play too well.

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I like the setting but everything else is giving me an impression of "like BioShock but not as good" writers and "like Uncharted but not as good" developers. For 800 points I'll gladly check it out but anything more and it's a pass.

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This sounds like an intro/interlude that belongs on a Bobby Digital or "New World Order Obsessed" Busta Rhymes album.
Game looks decent though.
[i'm practicing "saying something good, no matter what-ism".]

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The narrator and cover system make me want to kill someone.