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Awww I thought this was the Bjork song :|

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Looks alright, it's only $5. However I would suggest to just spend an extra $5 and get Shatter.

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Cool. It looks like its only chance at competing with Shatter is avoiding the glossy sci fi feel for a slightly more home-made look. Unfortunately it still doesn't look as fresh or innovative as Shatter was.

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anybody getting this over shatter is a fool !

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This looks like a cross between Peggle, Zuma and Breakout. With ADD.

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better than shatter? 

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@TwoOneFive said:
" better than shatter?  hmmmm "
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Meh... Ill stick to Shatter

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What the fuck?
It's like Peggle meets Arkanoid meets Space Invaders.

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Dude, this is crazy.

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@PeteyCoco said:
" Awww I thought this was the Bjork song :| "
Zackly what I was thinking.
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When did Arkanoid start taking drugs? Huh, huh?

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Those are some old-ass sound effects.

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This game is supremely awesome, and undoubtedly will exorbitantly fill my time with a cornacopea of delectable delights!
See what I did there?

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looks like a arkanoid and peggle love child

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Is this the spiritual successor to Ball Buster?

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Seems Shatter has brought back Arkanoïd from the dead.

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It doesn't look HD to me.
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It looks like a crappy version of Rebound or Ricochet. They were the same game, but with different names depending on where you got them from. Reflexive studios made them and they were the best thing about Realarcade, back in the day.

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In HD of course.