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Seen this before. Lot's of BROing out to be had!!

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Wasn't that song in that music video with Pac-Man and whatnot? Anyway, uh, cool, hardcore fighting game fans. I shall always be on the outside looking in at their joy and elation.

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Things like this make me proud to be a video game playing citizen of America.

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Lol not get embarrassed by Japan.

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i will never be as good as those dudes, and i get mad pissed off when they beat me over xbox live, but i love that they exist anyways. street fighter 4 is just the best thing.

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This is out btw

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For some reason I'm reminded of King of Kong. This movie needs more Billy's hot sauce.

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@Jimi said:
" is out btw "
thanks for linking it, i was about to. Also the version they show is shorter than the true release that will come out after evo with footage from that in there too
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this is an awesome movie. saw it just a couple of days ago. love those guys

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Slow nod = AWESOME

Lotta red eyes in that trailer.

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long cut late this year or early next year will include EVO.   So that'll be cool.   Short cut's still pretty good.

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Not enough Ed Ma, he should've been at Final Round.

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i heard anamanaguchi in there. that pleases me greatly

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@Bigdonkey1 said:
" i heard anamanaguchi in there. that pleases me greatly "
You, sir, win 2 internets for the evening. :D Their use of Anamanguchi made me happy.
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Thanks Mike Shinoda

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Those guys are amazingly good, but Daigo still pwns them all.

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This is an awesome documentary, that everyone who is even slightly interested in the fighting video game scene should definitely watch.

Also, Gootecks!

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I laughed
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needs moar Billy Mitchell!

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this video was made 10 X better by the Go-team music

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@Kraznor said:
" Wasn't that song in that music video with Pac-Man and whatnot?"
I'm pretty sure the first some is The Go! Team.
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Great doc, can't wait for the long cut.

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haha i liked how they didn't even consider that we could embarrass japan. too true

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Not one girl in that room

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 It is the same music, Junior Kickstart by The Go! Team. I know this since my wife is the drummer in the band.
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LOL Nerds.

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What the hell did you expect from a computer game tournament? The only girls at those things are the ones who get paid to go.
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