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Oh yeahhh.

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(only time I'll ever do that)

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It's... beautiful...

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Play button doesn't work.

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The future!

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@tr0n: Doesn't work for me either.

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Damn, doesn't play. So this is the rise of the machines???

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Whooo, they're back! Love the new site.

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It's running a little slow but IT'S WORKINGGGGGG

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Now ifonly it would start playing

BUT I love the new site

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Jesus their desks are messy.

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Watching this on mobile site. It's great!

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"You guys talking about your Valentine's Day plans?


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The pin button is fucking magic.

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That window has always wreaked havoc with the lighting in these videos. Fuck you window.

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@dystopiax:hold your mouse over the settings (gear looking) button.

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Click the little gear icon / settings icon on the video...the embiggen thing is there.

Also, sticky button is pretty magic. Nicely done.

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No Caption Provided

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Bientôt l'été isn't French. It's BELGIAN! -_-

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I love Mondays more when I watch this video on Wednesdays

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I like the mood lighting. Swanky.

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Is Jeff sporting hitler moustache .. Classy ;)

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Is Jeff sporting hitler moustache .. Classy ;)

It's called a "Chaplain" after the famous comedian Charlie Chaplain or the "toothbrush"

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Is Jeff sporting hitler moustache .. Classy ;)

It's called a "Chaplain" after the famous comedian Charlie Chaplain to the "toothbrush"

I always get Charlie Chaplain confused with that other famous comedian, Charlie Chaplin.

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Jeff is planning something for Poland.....I bet Vinny is already on board...

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Site looks awesome guys!

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the lighting has never really bothered me. The inconsistent audio does!

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What a coincidence.

Me, too.

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I mean I really love Mondays.. but the sex is really bad.

Made you look!

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What a great step forward for this site. Great work Drew and team!

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I bet there staying home and drinking today for real this time.