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Oh, Ryan!  I knew you wouldn't forget us!

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Giant Bomb goes viral.
Wait. . .Magicka TNT? Oh snap

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I love monday is getting more ghetto by the week.

Posted by TomCostello

This is my favourite Giant Bomb video.

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also did anyone hear whether there was going to be a giant Bombcast this week?

Posted by Yunvon

I must say these are getting crazier every Monday.

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That is one cooooooooooooooooooooool baby!!

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Haha, brilliant. 

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sweet dragon age 2 something

Posted by Slaker117

I'm so confused.

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Lol that was a nice one!

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The best I Love Mondays ever!

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Who the fuck is Tom?

Posted by Thordain

When did they get a British guy?

Posted by EndlessObsidian

I love this website so god damn much. Truly, this is the age of Giant Bomb.

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Nothing stops the express

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Who's Tom?

Posted by JoeyRavn

There's no nudity in this homemade video. I am dissapoint.

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So who's this "Tom" guy?

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Did you see that glove on the table? The ghost of Michael Jackson was there!

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My favourite part of the day is seeing a comment that says first then when I refresh the page it's gone.

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@Scratch said:
" So who's this "Tom" guy? "
A caller, I'd guess.
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This is all part of the larger Giantbomb story arc.

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What about the bombcast?
Brad, Vinny and Dave anyone? :)

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The ending was perfect!

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Alright, the Express is coming on time, that's all I really care about.

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this was so BORING, i made it half way in. Stupid.

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I'm British, and I couldn't understand what that guy was saying :[

Posted by LordXavierBritish

Is this canon?

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Jeff, you're my goddamn hero.

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The X-Press keeps rolling.

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That was amazing

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That was pretty brilliant.

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Goddamnit Jeff.

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I can't help but feel all these different ILM videos is just a giant hint of something new to come to Whiskey Media.
Or am I just paranoid.

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I love how these monday vids have just gone off the deep end.

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I love how I love mondays has become totally crazy now.

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haha Jeff, @august said:

" Tom? "
It's a caller this isn't from Monday.
haha Jeff, your amazing.
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Vinny has an awesome phone.

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@LordXavierBritish said:
" Is this canon? "
Anything that gets posted to the site is automatically canon.
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@Slaker117 said:
" I'm so confused. "
I had no idea what was going on through that entire video.
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This is Tom:  http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/tomcostello/

Posted by MarkWahlberg

Between this and the NDX, I want a year-long, alternate-media style story arc.

Posted by KarlPilkington

Tom from t'Yorkshire.