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Jesus I love you.

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Mondays, you're the best around, no-one's ever gonna bring you down.

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Today has felt nothing like a Monday.

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I can't view this Monday! The world is crashing all around me again.

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By Zobek!

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The internet at large is fuckt on April Fool's Day. I don't know what's real and what's not, it's like a poorly scripted Inception written by J. Michael Straczynski and starring the cast of Melrose Place.

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Back with a REVENGEANCE.

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This Monday is loading slowly.

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Hell yeah, Jeff reppin' JeShirt. The dream will never die!

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I have to ask how do you guys work with so much clutter all over your desks?

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They are back in action !

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Damn, now I know what D-Box is....

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When Jeff says "to what end?" he really wanted to say "why the fuck would you waste your time like that?"

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What's with the marble slab.

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Shirt on a shirt

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spoilers: keyzer soze is tyler durden

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@aegon: darksiders promotional gravestone with jeff's name on it i believe

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Is Monday.

Was Monday.

Will be Monday.

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That shirt is so meta

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If you belieeeve

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Jeff should start his own feature where he just looks at data and says "that's data!".

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If you do not know what config.sys or autoexec.bat are, you are not allowed to call yourself a member of the PC Master Race.

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Looking forward to that spoilercast. I finished it at about the same time as Ryan did and OH MY GOD.

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Hey @patrickklepektraditionally men wear watches on the left wrist while women wear them on the right wrist. It's not a huge deal per-se but just through you would like to know!

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Hell yeah spoilercast! Also Please, no more RE6.

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Save me from mondays Ronnie!

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Jeff should start his own feature where he just looks at data and says "that's data!".

"Data, son! Boom!" I'd watch it at least once. Maybe.

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christ i love jeff's shirt

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Anyone else see a bit of Tim of Legend in Brad's shrug face at the very end of the video? lol.

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Wait, if you guys are putting a man on the Mun, does that mean new Kerbal Space Program content?

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I have had a number of days to process Bioshock Infinite but I would still love to hear more people mull it over. So good.

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No Resident Evil, however lets talk deodorant brands and which type of apple is the best with Scoops.

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Goddammit Patrick, SHAVE! Hold on, I'm going to send GB a razor...

I swear I wont renew my subscription if you don't shave!

Edit: I'm a PC Gamer and I used to like the "Master race" thing when it was still a joke and everybody knew it was a joke. But today a lot of ahem *fellow* PC gamers seem to take this thing pretty serious which is pretty annoying. (Also didn't Yatzee of Zero Punctuation create this thing as a joke in the first place?)

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Fuck RE6.

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very happy at the Spoilercast talk and man I really hope Vinny is on it he just has such a child like way of questioning everything

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@humanity said:

Hey @patrickklepektraditionally men wear watches on the left wrist while women wear them on the right wrist. It's not a huge deal per-se but just through you would like to know!

I wear my watch on my right wrist because I'm left handed and don't want to drag my watch across whatever I'm writing; I get enough of that already with my arm. I think generally, people wear watches on their non-dominant hand for that exact reason. It's easier to get work done when you don't have something hanging off of your dominant hand.

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Wow, that's one dumb T-shirt.
Good job Jeff. I like it.

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Oh man, darkest timeline Patrick is still here. I thought he would be sucked back into his own dimension by the time GDC came to an end.

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Yes, please look at RE6 on PC

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please please please get some sort of image stabilization on that phone crap if you insist on using it

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@humanity: I'm always confused by this, I was told it went on the opposite of the hand you used to write, could be a regional thing though.

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@humanity said:

Hey @patrickklepektraditionally men wear watches on the left wrist while women wear them on the right wrist. It's not a huge deal per-se but just through you would like to know!

Where did you get that idea? You wear your watch on the wrist of your non-dominant hand so that you can use your dominant hand to operate it. That said, if your watch is wound manually, you need the winder to be in a convenient position for the other hand to operate it so some left-handed people wear their watch on the left because of this.

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