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@gla55jaw: Yeah, that must be the case because it's the same date listings on Amazon UK too. Score 1 for the Euros for once I suppose :P Also, preordering Deadly Premonition Director's Cut on shopto totally gets me some added ''Transporter Pack DLC'' so ya'll know my excitement is through the roof!..

Jeez, something about Deadly Premonition of all games featuring retailer-exclusive preorder bonuses is like the definition of an oxymoron. We're only just getting ''HD graphics'' with this 'un, so I would have expected all of the 'business' to storming forth with Deadly Premonition 2: Reckoning or something; one step at a time and all that. But oh well, just strikes me as a little funny.

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holy cow, too much talking from jeff in the background!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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After this and the duel DOTA stream, Giant Bomb should adopt a new policy of double production at all times. Sweet lady chaos.

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What happened to the other Mailbag? It was up for a second, then it was gone. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?

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You guys do really well at covering some of the more obscure games, but for a low release week I hope you start diving more into the quirky steam/downloadable titles. Some that you missed that I was hoping for a quick look or some coverage:

StarDrive (beta but on steam and for sale)

Anna - Extended Edition (really indie horror game, mixed reviews)

Sang-Froid - Tales of Werewolves (weird greenlit strategy rpg)

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@phatcat said:

Do they ever really do any "work" at all ever?

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All right! Finally, more Spookin' with Scoops!

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Aw, they blanked on Pandora's Tower. Guess it can't be helped; they probably don't even have a Wii plugged in. (I mean, it ought to play on a Wii U, but that's besides the point. Or is it?)

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This site is run by crazy people.

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I am glad there won't be a Wednesday show—it was an ill-conceived concept that conflicted with the Quick Looks, and frankly I haven't enjoyed any of the content done in collaboration with the Gamespot crew. If I wanted Gamespot content, I would have a Gamespot subscription.

It also ties up both the Gamespot and Giant Bomb teams, and only gives you one piece of content.

Similarly, I think the Friday shows are too regular to be as unscheduled as they appear to be—you need to come up with a schedule that includes things like Breaking Brad one week, Random PC game the next, then Flight Club, and so on.

And while I know you seem to hate it, I do think that there needs to be something like another Endurance Run that keeps people coming back to the site on a daily basis. Maybe you have two games running at once and alternate between them so that you aren't tying up the same two people every day of the week. (and actually shoot them that week, rather than shooting a few weeks in advance—it was nice to hear you take suggestions/feedback from the comments in previous Endurance Runs)

I'm sick of hearing “well it's another week with no games, we'll figure something out” only to have very little content released, that ends up mostly being half-hearted 15-20 minute Quick Looks of whatever indie games were just released on Steam.

It just doesn't seem like there has been much to justify having a subscription at all lately, and the general quality and quantity of content on the site seems to have gone down since moving to the new offices. I'm paid up for another 18 months still (that's how much I liked the site—I paid for years in advance) but I just don't know that it's worth it any more.

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@mento said:

Aw, they blanked on Pandora's Tower. Guess it can't be helped; they probably don't even have a Wii plugged in. (I mean, it ought to play on a Wii U, but that's besides the point. Or is it?)

Oh right! That game that came out like 2 years ago in Japan and one year ago in Europe is finally coming out here! It doesn't surprise me, considering that they blanked on The Last Story as well when that reached US shores.

Hearsay suggests that it's the weakest of the Operation Rainfall triumvirate. To all the UK duders who have messed with it, how does it stack up when compared to Xenoblade and The Last Story?

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@arbitrarywater: Yes, given the lack of Last Story coverage, I shouldn't be surprised its dorky younger brother is also getting spurned. But then it's not a particularly accessible game even if you ignore the weird delays and tumultuous backstory and being on a dead system. Ultimately, the site should only cover the stuff people are going to care about. But hey, slow week, so a guy can dream.

Also I reviewed the game somewhere that answers your question. Read that? Or a professional review on a different site, I dunno. Why am I still typing, even.

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Dishonored is a flaming pile of crap.

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You guys are idiots.

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Giantbomb Cross-Watch brought to you by Sony Playstation brand!

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@citizencoffeecake: My understanding is that if you have a save file, the expansion will give you a whole bunch of extra stuff (those travel stones, etc) in addition to the actual new content. Here it is:

"Furthermore, owners of the original Dragon's Dogma will receive 100,000 Rift Crystals, unlimited Ferrystones and the Gransys Armour Pack consisting of six brand new costumes for free, upon purchasing Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen."

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Dishonored is awesome. Dunno what the other Giant Bomb guys are on, but it's doing bad things to their sense of taste. :p

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And this kind of dumb shit is why you'll always have my heart, Giant Bomb.

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@patrickklepek! Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers is on 3DS this week! As is Pandora's Tower on the Wii!

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And this is the reason I love giantbomb.

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Ha, competing mailbags and ILM really tickled me.

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Every. Single. Day. I pray that a Lawnmower Racing Mania Quicklook goes up.

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Brad has been putting up a pound or two, hasn't he?

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I demand a @jeff and @vinny SMT: Soul Hackers Quick Look.

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The miracle of the 21st Century.

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Maybe peek on those Steam Early Access games if the site is scrambling for QL content.

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You stupid morons, I love this!

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They still need to do a MGS Revengeance DLC quick look. Wanna see what their take on that is.

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Ok someone download the HD version and do magic so we can read Patrick's emails.

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Spooookin' wit tha scooooooopstimator! :)

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Waited so long for that to come back!

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@jz said:

Dishonored is a flaming pile of crap.

you're a fool

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Looks like time to break open the museum & quick look some things.

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Jeff looks like the most confused child ever. Is mommy and daddy fighting!?

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Waking Mars.

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White site?! Blasfemy.

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Injustice scrub league!! Make it happen!!

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@jz said:

Dishonored is a flaming pile of crap.

I'm sorry, wut?!

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I beat it and did not like it

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I really love how Jeff has XFL jerseys. Fantastic.

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No Professional Wednesdays?! I thought it was going really well so far.

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Gimme some Fatal Frame series playthroughs on Spookin with Scoops

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It's a video inside a video!