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yo i wanna eat that donut. mailbag that donut to me.

edit: note i mean the big one, obviously. where can i get that donut?

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So close to being first...

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Looks good!

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Is this Donut going to end up being flushed down the toliet? I NEED TO KNOW.

Edit: Oh god, it was even better than I expected.

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Oh Monday. How I compare thee to a summer's day, which probably sucks unless there's a beach involved.

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Was that donut in Videodrome?

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Alexis shouldn't have a donut. He's diabetic.

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Donuts yeahhhh

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This was like gay sex with a friend


I need a shower after this video

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I would totally try a Whopper Milkshake Cake.

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Old games and hot group doughnut eating action, is there anything Giant Bomb doesn't have?

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how. just how.

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I like how they tore off the pieces where they bit into, like everyone who sees that donut won't know that 3 dudes simultaneously bit into it earlier.

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@killerbomb said:

Alexis shouldn't have a donut. He's diabetic.

I hope you're attempting at being funny, or you have some reading up to do.

Edit: Joke's on me! I should have watched the thing first lol.

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Donuts cross Tekken

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Not it.

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They should have Drew and Patrick do an endurance run of Deadly Premonition. Then the whole crew would be represented. I actually wouldn't mind watching that game be played for a third time.

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mmm donuts

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@shrinerr said:

I like how they tore off the pieces where they bit into, like everyone who sees that donut won't know that 3 dudes simultaneously bit into it earlier.

You're tasting every person that donut has ever been eaten by.

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Is anyone taking bets on how long it'll take for the brazzers captions to start appearing?

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More Cook Serve Delicious!

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Oh my...

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Vinny's got a big tongue.

Just saying...

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You know I've lived in a lot of places and eaten a lot of (giant) donuts but in all honesty the best donuts I've ever had were San Fransisco donuts. Like right around where GDC is there are at least a dozen local donut shops and they all serves donuts that put super markets and national chains to shame. The best giant donut I've had was in a really terrible section of Chicago that I would never actually choose to go back to. It was 3:00 AM and I was waiting for the bus and hoping not to get killed and there was a bakery open across the street. So I went inside and they had giant donuts which I proceeded to buy and eat while I waited for the bus. I managed to not get mugged or killed by any of the gangsters that passed me by. I was pretty pleased speaking the guy whose house I was going to greeted me at the door with a katana in case I wasn't an invited guest.

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Next is Spaghetti!

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Looking forward to some Encyclopedia Bombastica!

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It's Donuts and Burgers week. Done!

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I will make the obvious post to get it out of the way.

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Now I want a donut. :(

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Latest addition to the spank bank.

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@daneian said:

Latest addition to the spank bank.

Needs more Brazzers logo. 3 Men 1 Donut.

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That old trope.

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This is the best Monday ever.

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Oh. My. God.

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By "a developer stopped by", do they mean Twisted Pixel and their fucking tired-ass "donut" song meme thing?

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Again, beautiful editing by Drew.

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okay, so this is the best ever! god damn, i love you giant bomb.

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Was that donut in Videodrome?

Next I Love Mondays they'll be pulling VHS tapes out of their stomachs.

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You guys are gems.

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@cooljammer00: Did you just diss the donut song? FOR SHAME.

As someone who is less than impressed with Twisted Pixel's video game oeuvre, yes.

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"What can we put underneath it?"

"Our face."

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oh. my. god.